2018 recap – The year that was

Maybe it is a little early to look back at the year but mid-December seems like it’s nearly the end, right? Thanks for keeping up if you’re a regular reader. It actually does mean a lot to me. Merry Christmas, everyone!

January – 2018

We started off with an actual snow day. Yeah, it snowed in North Florida. A decent one too – not like a little flurry.

The month ended with us in total house selling mode and it was a surreal and intense situation.


Four out of the five of us got sick, and we had some on-going selling issues.

Got super excited about the house we put an offer on.


Oof, busy month. The buyer for our home fell through and we had to figure out a way to recover.

Then, through some serious strife, it all sort of worked out.


We moved! And got settled and started the new life: figured out the new driving routes, times, schools, etc.

By month’s end, we were really starting to settle and figure out various new house aspects


The weather got warm so we started enjoying our pool; the semester ended, allowing me to you know, think.

Just some general struggles

School ended for my kids and I mused about the changes


Just summer stuff; swimming and whatnot


I got kind of sick of summer and mused about the dog and friends.

Our A/C broke, people got mean, and I was worried about middle school


I was feeling REALLY out of sorts, on the precipice of all the new schools/schedules for the kids

We finally felt settled in the new house

But then the end of the month got all crazy again


The one thing that kept me going was a video game

Ash and I got to go to a super fancy thing at a football game

I took a break from Facebook because people suck


I was demoralized at work and got sick

We had a Cat 5 hurricane hit slightly west of us and lost power for four days

We got ready for our Mexico trip


We went to Merida , Mexico for a wedding and had a blast!

I started shopping for Xmas and battled sickness all month


I know we’re only halfway thorough so I’ll just post one:

I took Isaac to his first concert and that has been the highlight of the month.

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