Running, kids, house

Elliot and I set out close to six forty five, the extreme afternoon heat quelled a bit by the encroaching evening and made even less oppressive on our return leg on account of all the shade. Though the main drag on the out leg is intermittent with trees – as it is the main entrance road for the neighborhood – the return down Limerick is both shaded and challengingly hilly. He complains about a side cramp but I push him through it, urging him to talk about the things he’s always wanting to tell me – stuff about youtubers and games I don’t play. None of it I particularly care about but I know allowing him to talk about it is exactly what he wants. But his pain is so bad he doesn’t want to.

We kill the final hill on the out leg and turn the corner, roughly one mile completed. And he hits the wall then suddenly, is able to pull himself from the mental mire of pain and, well, suck it up, buttercup. I know the cramp still aches in his side but he’s realized that whining about it and walking isn’t making it any better. So we run, side by side, passing walkers and neighbors, waving, chatting. It’s cooling off even more and there’s a very safe calmness to passing all these newer, nicer homes . I know without saying it we both love our new neighborhood so much more. The kids claim to miss the old house and hate the new one but I know it’s because they made most of their memories there. In another ten years, this home will be the one they love most.

We come into the coolness of the house and go straight for cold showers then large cups of water. My husband and other son are playing a game together, Dakota is building something with Legos. It’s quiet and peaceful and I realize, again, just how much I love the new home: all the space, the cool, dark tones of the flooring against the light colored walls. The light that filters in through the sunroom. The idyllic views of our backyard – the pool, the trees. I sometimes can’t believe we finally made it happen. Moving seemed such a huge undertaking at the time but now it’s done and I couldn’t be happier.

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