End of week musings

  • I JUST said how great Elliot seemed to be doing in middle school. He loves it so far. And then… THEN… he seems to have gotten poison ivy… on this face. Uncool, fates. Why? I guess whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Besides, it’s not like he’s sick or something; it just shows he did yard work. So yeah, let’s hope this isn’t any kind of setback for him.
  • This week has been crazy in terms of me keeping my thoughts straight, what with the first couple days and acclimating for the kids and then just other house things. I feel like I am always distracted. My brain is not altogether here. A large part of it was being so busy last week with family in town and Dakota’s birthday party. This weekend, she has one to attend but we have nothing else. And I am happy for it!
  • I can’t express enough just how off-kilter this entire month tends to be. How do I get myself back on track? Maybe other people aren’t this introspective about it. Another way to say that is, “maybe other people aren’t worrying so much about everything.” OR, “I’m overthinking this crap.”
  • I can’t seem to get organized today. I am working on my website for class and trying to set it all up but it’s frustrating. I keep getting distracted. My brain is a whirlwind of trash right now: the new schedules at home, the kids in new schools, all the work here, the upcoming semester, all the change. You ever get like that where you wish you were further into time so you could be used to something? Then I get all guilty because I’m wishing away days. And one should be careful not to do so, since we only get so many. BUT, time will pass the same way it always does and I can neither slow it down or speed it up. But I want that feeling of settled and comfort.
  • You know what’s weird: I find that I only truly enjoy music – like, can really get INTO it – when I am settled. I know some people talk about how music got them through tough times – and I have had that in the past – but I find that if I am going through something emotionally taxing, I am too distracted in my own thoughts to use the music as a crutch.
  • At times like these, I get this weird subconscious nagging in my brain to shop. I know it’s because shopping releases serotonin and makes your body happy but isn’t that crazy? They say ‘listen to your body’ and in this case, I feel like I should!
  • On that note, I told Isaac I’d take him to Target tonight as a thank you for being such a big responsible boy this week. He’s so happy about it too!
  • I was musing about blogs last night – and I think I have talked about this before – but I think it is safe to say that the personal blog is basically a dying breed. People a.) don’t like reading anymore and b.) they would rather make a video or watch a video. I am not going to switch to a video blog so this will be my outlet… whether people read it or not. And this all just makes me very sad.

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