Random Tuesday – So busy I could cry

Stacy Uncorked


  • Selling a house is exhausting and yesterday was insane. I went to work for about three hours, picked up food, went home and then Ash and I started getting last minute items cleaned out. The original plan was we needed to have it looking show-ready before our realtor came by in the afternoon. Pictures were in limbo because a friend of the new person moving in across the street is interested in buying. He even came by Sunday on a whim and saw it – though it looked like a tornado hit my house and he STILL wanted it.
  • So then that realtor contacted our guy and set up a Thursday appointment. Well, Ash and I busted our butts to make it look about 85% done for our dude, who showed up at 4 and informed us that the other lady and her buyer were actually coming at 5:30. Like, get it as clean as you can right this second!! I have never tidied up as quickly as I did yesterday. It was insane!
  • The realtor showed up, took a look and said she needed 45 minutes to work with him and draft a contract and – sure enough – he’s put in an offer. We feel like it’s happening very fast but it’s not necessarily bad. It’s just a lot all at once and I can barely focus on ALL the other work I have to do. Which is quite a bit!
  • Despite all that stuff, yesterday was just really weird. We started off with a run-in with a very energetic loose doggie, all excited to see us but bounding off before I could grab his collar and check the tag. He ran the direction we were leaving the neighborhood and into a main road, so I got out and tried to stop cars. It got too far but other cars and people were running out to get him. Of course, one car nearly hit him and my kids panicked, I was shaking… it was bad. As we turned away, I told my kids to think good thoughts like how someone probably got him. God, I hope so.
  • THEN, later in the evening, Ash and I were watching the third Dirty Harry movie when we heard crunching, what sounded like a car hitting another car or at least something metal. We went outside and a car with a blow tired was speeding away and a bunch of neighbors huddled around a guy on the ground. I thought he got hit but it seems like he and his buddy were just totally trashed, trying to get home, then arguing and the dude bailed out from the passenger side. I don’t feel bad for dumbasses.
  • So today, we go look at 3 more properties and hope we can make the expenses work. This whole thing is nuts and I look forward to later in the year when we’re settled and I can finally breathe!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – So busy I could cry

  1. I can empathize! We moved one year ago – and the months leading up to that move was CRAZY. Selling is stressful enough, but throw buying (and trying to coordinate closing dates to coincide with each other so you don’t have to rent a storage unit – or another abode – is stressful). Here’s hoping you find THE house and all goes well. It’s very cool, however, that you got an offer on your house so quickly!!

    Hope that doggie made it home OK!!

    I’m with you – I don’t feel bad for dumbasses.

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