MMMM + Stick a fork in me, I’m done

Well, everyone went back to their respective places – FINALLY – on Friday; school and work.  Aside from some residual coughing, everyone seems mostly healed. We spent the weekend doing very little other than soccer games, eating and napping. I honestly think the house buying/selling process has taken it out of us. I know my mind has been just fried thinking about it all.

On that note, our house did fine in the inspection, though it was not without worry. We have a stair step crack on the side of the home in the brick. But it was apparently not worrisome enough. In fact, the structural engineer looked at it for literally less than five minutes. Then I got word the buyer is moving forward. So that’s a positive.  The one for the new home was Friday and though it was not awful, it gave us pause. The second story is not brick, it’s wood siding and a lot of the boards are warped. Additionally, there’s a lot of wood rot in other places. This makes us worried that going forward, all our extra income will go towards repairs. Having sat on it all weekend, we’re having reservations… about price and committing to a money pit. Though the inside is to die for and all remodeled, these are huge issues that could potentially lead to very big payouts in the not too distant future.

Sigh. I am nervous but I also feel really good knowing that my husband and I decided to say something to our realtor about it. I mean, we have that right – the inspection is for weeding out problems.  Like I have said probably 3-4 times already today, a solution will inevitably present itself, one way or the other.

SO, there’s where I’m at; my brain is a frazzled mess, my stomach hurts, and the future is uncertain. But things do have a way of working out!

Since one of my least favorite holidays is this week, the theme is love songs. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good love song. However, I hate the actual phony-ness of the holiday.

I couldn’t find the real video for this but I love Kickboxer and this song is good for love of any kind.

Here’s a song Ash and I liked when we were dating.

and while we’re in country, here’s a great one.

12 thoughts on “MMMM + Stick a fork in me, I’m done

  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I hope we can get serious soon in the house hunting area. I’d really like it if we could be in a new place before the year ends but we’re picking so I know once we truly get committed to inspecting homes then we’re going to make sure everything is nearly as purrfect as possible. It’s good that y’all are going into this wide open instead of letting the excitement dictate your decisions. Thanks for joining us on the dance floor today and have a good week! 😉

  2. House hunting in any form is just plain sucky. Hope it all works out in the end.
    As for the songs, I love “Forever and ever, Amen!”
    Come by if you can.

  3. It’s too bad that Valentine’s Day has become a “Hallmark” holiday; one that manages to make so many people feel bad rather than loved. Still, love songs do make the world go round. Selling a house is so stressful. I’ll wish the best for you. Kenny Rogers is the best!

  4. Wonderful choices my friend! Kenny Rodgers is so good and a tear or two is always shed with many of his tunes. Happy Valentines day to you and yours! I hope he brings you a rose too! Randy Travis’ song is an old favorite of mine too! Great job my friend! Thanks for trippin’ the life fantastic with us in all your busy-ness goin’ on. Good Luck with your house!

  5. Buying a house is so stressful! Glad to hear the inspection on yours went well. I totally understand why you are having pause over the exterior of the home you’re looking at purchasing. I was in that same predicament when looking for my home. I found a house that I really liked, especially because it was all tile, which I wanted, and had a great pool in the back with a wonderful xeriscaped yard. But it had the same issues on the exterior and I could see some of the rot and that I’d need to start investing money right away…and then who knows how often it would have to be dealt with in the future. I decided to pass on it and instead ended up with the home I’m in now. It didn’t come with a pool and it was carpet but it’s all brick, on all four sides and I’m so glad I bought it. I feel very safe with it being all brick and the maintenance is so much less than dealing with wood or siding. Over the years, I got rid of all the carpeting so now I have my all-tile home (which is definitely necessary with my dogsitting business). I still don’t have a pool but I heard that’s a plus since pools are a big hassle and expense according to all my friends who have them. Although the summers are horrible here in Austin and I still yearn for a pool. Maybe one of these days…
    Best of luck with your home search. Buying a house is one of life’s most stressful situations so I feel for you. But once it’s all over you’ll be so happy. And just remember: everything happens for a reason; sometimes those pauses are big nudges from the Universe…

    Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! You picked some excellent songs for the Love theme. I wasn’t familiar with Kickboxer and I definitely liked “Fight for Love”. I love Kenny Rogers, such a great song. Was nice to hear some country love songs. The Randy Travis song was good and I liked the video too.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Yeah the entire process if all about weighing the pros and cons. This house still has too many trees for my liking – I’d love more grass and backyard sunlight. But I am getting so much more!

  6. I can totally empathize! The whole selling and buying a house process is draining! Emotionally and sometimes financially! But definitely glad you guys decided to say something to the realtor about the issues found in inspection on the house you want to buy – hopefully the sellers will do something like a reduction of price and/or a monetary ‘allowance’ that enables you to buy the house *and* fix the concerning issues without draining your bank account (and feeling like a money pit). 🙂

    Great song choices! Thanks for the dance!

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