MMMM + I’m disgruntled

You get some bullets on this here Monday!

  • As an additional lockdown measure at work, I am no longer allowed my long-standing agreement of taking a half day every other Friday, though that is my earned leave. But I was feeling kind of sick Thursday and I ended up leaving by noon. Ash was already home not feeling good so he and I went out for soup and bread and then did some shopping. So at least we got our half day in regardless.
  • Ash read my sadness and on Friday, suggested going out to eat. I ran 2 miles while he ran 4, then we all ran 1 as a family. That was kinda fun, actually. We then ventured to Red Robin, which tasted good but took forever. I was just happy to be somewhere other than work!
  • Saturday morning the boys had early flag games and it was cold and windy! Directly after, we went to the mall to get the last few items needed for the wedding: jewelry for Koda, ties and belts for the boys, a shirt for Ash. Then we ate lunch and headed home. When we got there, we saw that the city finally picked up the debris piles from the storm!
  •  After a little rest, we went back out and moved more sticks/branches to the street since there was space and – talk about value – the truck came back around and took those too!
  • In the evening, we watched the new Christopher Robin movie, which was quite good. A little slow but a cryer for sure. I’d recommend it.
  • Sunday morning, I did about a 5 miler (watch died halfway so I ran based on time). In general it was a good run even in the cold, then we managed to drag ourselves to the pumpkin patch. Right after, we went to the store and I sent my family with a list then I went alone to get the rest, meeting up at the registers. THIS, my friends, is the best way for us all to go to the store! When I walk around with them, I forget what I need and am harassed to get more junk.
  • I finally managed to get up to the salon to get a pedicure. I know I make it sound like a chore but it was on a long list of to-dos and I kept putting it off. It’s not like it wasn’t enjoyable because it definitely was. I tried a new place near me and I can’t believe I’d never been before.
  • So yeah, I’m still upset about work stuff and the more I think about it, the more I just want out. It’s been time ANYWAY. Luckily, I know people all over campus and even Ash has put some of his long-time friends on the task. I actually trust a couple of those ladies because they’re cutthroat. I would totally work where he does if he could find the right starting salary. It would be a hard restart, as I know nothing about transportation, but I do know how to work hard so there’s that! I am trying to focus on the positive and just wait it out.

Freebie week and also, near Halloween so here: have some Nightmare Before Christmas.

12 thoughts on “MMMM + I’m disgruntled

  1. Oooh, that would bug me having that half day taken away. Hopefully something comes up where Ash is – how cool would that be? 🙂

    We were on the same wave-length song-wise, I did one from Nightmare Before Christmas, too. 😉 Thanks for the dance!

  2. Sorry things are tense for you right now. You know, that will affect your overall health, just being under stress!
    Be kind to yourself, and I hope you will find a better fit for a job.

  3. Usually, no matter where you work, Friday afternoons are Deadsville, so the boss insisting on your presence is yet another indicator that you need to start packing. It sounds like you’re making moves in that direction. I’m sure anyone would be happy to have you work for them regardless of your specific knowledge of the business they’re in, and I think you’d find it easy to learn what you needed to know to do the job. Good luck!

  4. Claire,

    Sorry to hear that stuff at work stinks with not being able to get your regular time off on Fridays. I remember when DH was working for another company, he had every other Friday off and then they changed the schedules dropping the option for employees to work 8-9hrs & 1-8hr days routine that gave them Fridays off. It was set up where half of the employees were off on any given Friday. Anyhow, when they did away with that it really bummed us out but…we were very thankful that he had the job. Things slowly went downhill after that point and eventually, he did lose his job as the company was sold. Here’s hoping this week is an improvement over last. Thanks for boogieing with us today!

  5. I get why you would be annoyed about losing your half day Friday’s I would be too not that I work or anything like that and even liked the clip which isn’t generally my cup of tea

  6. Hi Claire,
    So sorry to hear that you had your Friday time taken away. I wish we had a corporate culture like some of the European countries do, where they have figured out that employee moral and satisfaction is the best way to get productivity out of them and so they have policies that give people decent personal time and decent vacations and extended maternity & paternity leaves, etc. I forget what country it is but one of them enacted a LAW where employers were forbidden to contact their employees after work hours. Once the employees were done for the day, the rest of the day and the weekends were for them and their families. Employers are not allowed to call, email or text employees after hours. I remember so many times where I’d be off sick and get phone calls non-stop from my boss asking questions and needing this and that. In fact when I was with that company, I took a vacation that was actually a staycation. But I didn’t tell them that. They asked where I was going and I said “I’ll tell you when I get back”. They thought I was off somewhere exotic and here I had my happy ass at home relaxing…and at least I didn’t have to worry about them calling every day messing up my earned time off! haha
    Anyway I hope all goes well with all your job…or new job hunting, if that’s the route you decide to take.

    I bet you’re glad that all the storm debris is finally gone. Now you can enjoy your yard with the last little bit of Fall weather before the winter kicks in.

    I love the Nightmare Before Christmas video. That is such a fun video to watch. Very creative.

    Have a good week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. While I don’t know if the Euro way would quite work here, I do think it’s ridiculous to demand certain things of people, especially if they have earned it through actual rules or by merit – both of which apply to my situation. I will say, they did approve my adjusted day of 8-4:30 with only a half our lunch so I’ll take it! And keep looking for a new job. 🙂

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