Random Tuesday – My Tuesdays are like everyone else’s Mondays

Stacy Uncorked


  • Seriously; my life has proven that if it is going wrong, it is probably a Tuesday. Today, my home’s A/C is running warm. It was set to 76, only reading 78 when I woke up and was getting higher as the morning went on – in a time span of maybe 20 minutes. That’s not good! Hopefully they can come out this afternoon as promised but I am always skeptical of workmen being on time.
  • The summer has reached that weird part where you can see it coming to an end (kids have 2 more camp weeks then one off before school) and the initial excitement for pool fun and cool treats and beach trips has waned. Sure, we still have fun in our pool but that newness has worn off and the heat is just getting to us. No, not really the heat but the humidity. It rained both weekend days and right after one storm, the temp plummeted to 73 but when it went back to 81, it was still oppressive because of the humidity and the next day, we were under heat advisory.
  • We have driven by the old house twice in the last two weeks, simply because we happened to be near it and have some time. It seems so odd to turn down familiar roads but not be headed home. I even found myself once driving down a major road near it, needing to go to the bathroom, and thinking I’d just drop by the house but nope. Not anymore. It looks so small now and I don’t regret moving – not for one moment!
  • It was actually cool outside this morning, which is weird because we are finally having hot afternoons. I think the ‘feels like’ was 100 yesterday – though I still did do a 2 miler. It was rough, not gonna lie.
  • The mom of a kid Elliot has played baseball with for four years has recently torn into me on Facebook. Just mean, insult-slinging – due to politics – and I don’t really get it. I never did anything to her or said anything mean. But today is her b-day and I definitely wished her a happy one. I am not patting myself on the back or trying to be self-righteous but I think this is the way we’re supposed to live? Despite our differences, I still wish her well, you know?
  • On the homepage of Elliot’s new middle school, there’s a video they made interviewing other 6th graders about some of the weird stuff they have to get used to like lockers, the big lunch room, and changing at P.E. I had a little moment thinking about Elliot navigating all this. I know he’ll be fine and there’s a part of me that is tough for him – he has to do it alone. I cannot baby him and walk him through it. But there is a part of me that is also nervous for those things. He has to pick the people he sits by at lunch! I know he’ll be freaked by changing in the locker room, at first. But it’s all just part of growing up and being independent. I went through all that same stuff and am stronger for it.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – My Tuesdays are like everyone else’s Mondays

  1. In our schools lockers are rare and only available to some students which I think is wrong.
    It is a lovely warm winters day here today although the water was cold when I did my aqua aerobics this morning.

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