MMMM + Back to the office

Yes, after one week away, I’m back! I guess I owe you a storm recap. So they canceled FSU and public schools starting last Tuesday, though we were not slated to get Hurricane Michael until Wednesday afternoon. It was good to have Tuesday though. When we got home Monday we did a little prep but Tuesday was the bulk. I went out and got gas in the car and the kids helped us put away all outdoor things. Michael ramped up quickly, y’all. I only heard about it as a tropical storm Sunday and then, by the time it made landfall around Mexico Beach, Florida late Wednesday afternoon, it was 2 mph shy of being a CAT 5! The projected path had it wobbling more Northeast but luckily, it ended up hitting about 150 miles west of us.

Anyway, after going out for Mexican on Tuesday, enjoying real food and hot water and electricity, Ash and I decided to bite the bullet and buy a generator. The last two years we had storms that knocked out power for days so it was time. Funny thing though, in the 18 other years I have lived here, we had maybe 2-3 tropical depressions that brought rain and a little wind but did not take out the entire city’s grid.

So yes, we made sure we had all we needed there: got the generator at Lowes, found gas cans and gas at Costco. Then, we waited. And the kids were anxious and obnoxious. A friend of ours texted that she and her neighbors were setting outside and doing a little pre-hurricane partying so we went over there Tuesday night to chill. Good times.

Wednesday, I woke feeling awful and I know it was because of the pressure. It has happened every time we’ve had a storm. I felt so awful. Luckily, I was feeling a little more normal by noon. We lost power around 11 but it came back on at 1. It went back off for good around 3 as the storm picked up. Ash and I stayed vigilant, watching trees sway violently across the skies. We have A LOT of trees around so we were extra worried something my fall. Well, one large branch did but it only hit the chain link fence.

We hit peak winds around 4:30 and then it subsided. That evening, we fired up the generator for the first time and got both fridges running. It was a warmish night but by morning, temps had plummeted into the 50s! And then we started the long arduous task of cleaning up. There was so much debris that it took many hours of raking (my arm is nearly inoperable today) and taking loads of crap to the street. That evening, we went out for dinner, finding a few places open, ended up at Moe’s. Not my fave but it was hot food. On Friday, we did some more cleanup before taking Ash to the airport. Sadly, he had plans to visit his brother way before this storm materialized. But I did just fine on my own. Took the kids to dinner at the mall, got them some Fortnite t-shirts and we hung out together in the living room, fan running, wifi working. I got the generator down pat too. I’m a true survivalist; lol.

Saturday was more of the same: cooler temps, yardwork, eating out. Then, around 6:45, after rounding everyone up since they’d been playing with the neighbors for hours, I suggested taking a walk. As we passed a house that was particularly dark – they were clearly not running a generator – Elliot began yelling. Indeed, the house lit up like Christmas because power had been restored! Just in time too because my sanity was slipping. The night before, the street light two houses away was on but yet, my house remained dark and silent. When we got inside, I cranked that A/C, ran a load of dishes and one of laundry and sat down to watch TV. It was nice to start getting back to normal!

On Sunday, I cleaned inside because my sister and her boyfriend were on their way. Luckily, my kids could go back to playing video games and they stayed out of my hair. I got laundry and cleaning done then once family arrived, we ate and sat around. It was a nice end to the five days in the Twilight Zone.

And those poor coastal towns: demolished. Really awful. But I am thankful that we were spared the worst of it. I am also glad to be back to work and semi-normality.


They’re my fave, honestly.

Check it out. This song is so dang good. In fact, that album is good. I didn’t care for St. Anger or Death Magnetic but the new stuff knocks it out of the park. Also, how is it possible James Hetfield still looks so good? Not gonna lie: I was a fangirl in 1992 and well, he can still get it.

16 thoughts on “MMMM + Back to the office

  1. Claire,

    I’m so glad to read that y’all were spared a hard hit. We watched video clips of the storm ripping through Panama City Beach. It was sickening to see such devastation. I learned the next day that’s where my first cousin lives. She, her husband, and daughters are okay but their home was destroyed. I just can’t imagine! Thanks for sharing some mewsic with us and hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a pAwesome week!

  2. Yes having a generator makes life so much easier, in April of 2015 we had a bad storm and my parents lost power for 4 days but had a generator that ran the fridge and the tv and managed without lights and have gas hot water heater.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I have to keep my messages short because of my limited time for now. Big hugs & thanks for sharing.

  4. My “guest photographer” I showcase on my blog has family in Lynn Haven and she spent 48 hours sweating over whether they were OK or not. (they are, the two houses, not as much). So, in all that, I forgot you were in that area, too. Lots of hard work; all I can do is share hugs. I am not familiar with that particular Metallica song. The lyrics really have me guessing. That one will take a bit of thought.

  5. I’m so glad you guys ended up not taking a direct hit. So sad for those that did. Getting a generator was a genius move – we were in PA during Hurricane Sandy, our power was knocked out for almost a week, and of course we had no generator. We had to keep calling the fire department across the street to come pump the water out of our basement when it got to a certain level (they had sent out word to everyone in the area they were willing and able to do that) so that was a relief to not have the water flood the main floor of the house. After that, we bought a generator – and invoked Murphy’s Law, because we never lost power like that again. But we did bring it with us when we moved to WA, so we’ll have it if we ever do need it! 😉

    Thanks for the song introduction – and for the dance! 🙂

  6. Hi Claire,
    So glad you all survived the storm and didn’t have damage. You were very fortunate.
    Hurricane parties can be fun. Where I came from we often had Blizzard parties and those were a blast.
    But it’s horrible for so many people whose lives were ripped apart by Michael. We have some major flooding going on here in Central Texas from the recent rains; historical proportions going on here.

    The Metallica song is good.
    Hope you get a chance to stop over to my place. I don’t see you over there often. Have you ever been to my blog for the Monday Music posts? Would be nice to have a visit… That’s what this hop is all about. I’m pretty sure I comment on your Monday’s Music posts every time you have one when I’m participating, which is frequently.

    Anyway, enjoy your Sunday.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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