13 things – Fragments of a life

Today, I’m musing on 13 random things – just…things going on in my life.


  1. I have to tell you, I had a very very weird dream. Essentially I was sitting with Trump (yes, THE) and complaining about wanting to eat at some expensive restaurant. The essence of the dream was that he wasn’t the president in the sense we know him but just some rich guy my family knew and he offered to pay to eat wherever it was I wanted to go. I know it’s cringe-worthy (just because I’m a supporter doesn’t mean I think he’s a particularly nice guy) but it was a very fascinating dream, to say the least!
  2. The clicking in my hip has managed to go away and now I have a shooting pain right behind my left knee cap. This is curious since I usually have knee pain only when running. And I haven’t run in probably 6 weeks; I have only been swimming.
  3. I have been listening to the heck out of Sade lately. I remember when I bought her Best Of CD in probably 1998 or something. Ash always called it “Romp muse”, as in music to romp to. LOL.
  4. The new house is on a fairly busy cut-through road in a prominent neighborhood. It’s not always heavily traveled but it’s not the kind of road your kids ride bikes on. But the thing is, I never hear the cars when inside. So it’s always a little funny when I open the back door to walk Todd and the world comes alive. The sounds of high summer – birds, crickets, cicadas – are a cacophony that assault my senses when I walk into the yard.
  5. We got nice new desk chairs at work and every time I moved mine, I hear this funky jingling, almost like keys. Finally got up to investigate and it’s zippers for the mesh cover. Ah, that explains it.
  6. I’m always amazed when I discover a band and it seems not a lot of people are into them. For example, Volbeat. Their first album came out in 2010/11 and yet, I didn’t know about them until, like, a year ago. Granted, they’re Danish so geographically I wasn’t exposed to them. But man are they good. More people ought to listen, in my humble opinion.
  7. I am utterly shocked that we’re reaching the end of June. Aren’t you? It flew by in a heartbeat. But we’re going out with a bang: beach on Saturday – yay! I cannot wait.
  8. I am thinking about Eastpoint today, a little beach town on the way to St. George Island where we go to enjoy the sun. Sadly, a spark from a prescribed burn ruined 30 homes and acres of land. On the positive side, people here turned out in droves to gather supplies and money for relief efforts. A brewery was soon to open there too so hopefully they can rebuild and move forward.
  9. My mother is… irritating me. I wish I didn’t feel that way but she really has this way of trying to control everything that just gets under my skin. And the thing that really makes it suck is that she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. I am slightly dreading their presence later. And trying to convince her that my boys will be fine for 3 hours alone if they leave to go back home. I wish she would trust that I know what I am doing as a parent now and not second-guess or undermine.
  10. She said the boys are taking a device break today until they leave to come back home, though they are watching TV. And I was thinking about how “kids these days” are not the same as kids of old in that they have more of that kind of entertainment. So it is very difficult to have kids who always go outside or do something creative. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but they are just different in that way.
  11. Today is the full moon and probably the worst day for them to be in town – my parents I mean. I just hope my mom doesn’t say anything my husband would deem rude or else it’s all going to come apart. The full moon really messes with people; I know for certain I feel a little off today.
  12. It’s been pretty hot come afternoon here but then the rain blows through and the evenings are not too bad; mornings either. I’m kind of happy about this. I like the warmth but not TOO much of it, please.
  13. My fave local brewery rolls out cans of a great beer today and with all the stress I feel right now, I have half a mind to pick up a six pack of Half Sister!Half+Sister+Cans

7 thoughts on “13 things – Fragments of a life

  1. My husband is a battalion chief for the city fire department and he says the full moon is always the worst time to be on duty. That’s when all the crazy stuff happens.

  2. I had a dream that I was interviewing Trump and searching for meaningful questions. I feel bad that we don’t discover music together like we did back in the day over the radio and buying actual albums. I could use a good craft brew too!

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