Random Tuesday – a brief respite, swimming, various seasonal/house thoughts

Stacy Uncorked


  • At the end of the semester, I can breathe a sigh of relief. At least for a little bit. The summer semester begins again next Monday so I have to prep my course and get into that mindset. But for now, it’s quiet in my building and I’m loving it!
  • On Saturday, I decided to swim laps in our pool. It’s forty by twenty feet so it’s basically made for laps. I love it. And I think I am going to stick to that in this running off season. It may be just what my foot needs to heal.
  •  Weather has been beautiful lately. I like it a bit warm so 80s is great, especially if I plan to swim a lot. It’s been sunny,  clear, and my allergies have subsided a little so I am enjoying Florida, which I really do love.
  • In fact, I have been scouring the internet to find more Florida related decor. In my old house, I didn’t have a lot of knick-knacks or even a decorative theme. Sure, my living room had some family photos and we did have one nice painting but there was no theme of any sort. I want beachy and Floridian.
  • I noticed this morning, as I browsed through my ipod songbook, that I always seem to feel the urge to listen to fun country when summer is right around the corner. Stuff by Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, and any songs about drinking and going to the beach really just soothe my soul.
  • Speaking of things good for my soul, for some reason I love this commercial. Something about the idyllic nature of it – the idea of living out in the country. It’s silly but I love it.
  • We’re firmly in warm weather right now but I look forward to experiencing my new house through all the seasons. You know how it feels different… I haven’t been here but a month and a half so it’s going to be great. Also, we have a fireplace and a room that can house a taller Christmas tree. I cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – a brief respite, swimming, various seasonal/house thoughts

  1. It has been so long since I have tried to swim I no longer know how to do it I would like to teach myself how to swim so I can do it when I do my aqua class a number of the women swim a few laps to warm up and I wish I could do that.

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