MMMM + The saga continues

For those of you following along at home, the move is… good to go! Last week, things still seemed up in the air. After the inspection on Tuesday, they claimed they found some age-old termite damage and they were concerned about the foundation cracks. (They are on the outside cinder block in the back) On Friday, they brought in a company to figure out repairs but we still had no official word. By the evening, we knew they’d scheduled the closing but was that IT? Was that proof we were all ok? Stressed and still worried – since the buyer had until Saturday, technically, to still bail out – we went to Decent pizza and in the midst of some tasty pie and beer, we got a text saying “things have stabilized.” Again, what does it mean?

Last week, I was so stressed worrying about whether or not this sale would also fall through. I couldn’t concentrate at work; I was in a bad mental place. I admit, I drank a few more beers than normal. But I will say, I kept myself busy Saturday in the meantime. We went out to eat, looked at appliances, and I mowed. By about 4 pm, we got news that the sale was good to go and we could start packing! I mean, we’ve packed but now we know for sure. It didn’t feel as climactic as I’d have thought – and maybe that’s because we have so much to do. I got some stuff packed into boxes and started thinking about how to move it all into a place to be loaded on Wednesday. We load the truck, then Ash is out of town Thursday, then we finalize Friday morning, close, and move!


Today’s theme involves places you could go. I am SO all over this one!

I haven’t used a JB song in a while:

This next one is silly but trust me:

And let’s go country:

5 thoughts on “MMMM + The saga continues

  1. Wow, you sure have had your troubles with this buy haven’t you! I sure hope God isn’t tryin’ to tell you something!!! Well, I know you & hubby will make sure everything is copacetic before you move in. GOOD LUCK my friend! Now…. you got some great pickins’ here and you have totally rocked the house. Definite introductions for me though… I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them except for Jimmy Buffet (love him). Your second one is a hoot I have to say, but who doesn’t know George Strait… cute song. My mama use to play that one on her stereo! hahaha Thanks for joinin’ us!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these songs and these places. As the Beatles said “there are places I remember, some are gone and some remain. All these places had their meanings ….

  3. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer this sale finally goes through. It’ll be awesome to close this chapter in your life, eh? Best of luck to you and thanks for hitting the dance floor with your “PLACES” song picks for this week’s mewsic theme. Have a blessed weekend!

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