I’m gonna make it!

That’s what I have to tell myself when I’m feeling like all is failing. And granted, nothing is that bad. I don’t want to be guilty of that old “first world problems” complaining. Things are fine, really. Just super busy. But work was insane yesterday so my drive home was one of those where I was periodically aware of how zoned out I was. When I got home, I was DONE, but you know – if you have kids or a family – things don’t end the second you walk in. No, they get crazier.

For me, my youngest wanted food right away, my oldest was panicking about a research paper he’d put off writing, and my husband had to run out for pool salt. So I rallied. I emptied the dishwasher and that one act helped me get over the hump when I was so tired and just wanted to sit in my chair.

Once Elliot settled to work on his project and everyone had been fed, I was able to actually do something for myself: play Guitar Hero: Metallica. Which is honestly all I feel like doing in my spare time lately. I used to absolutely suck at that game but I put effort in this go-round and I have really improved.


Not sure I am ready to move up to the Hard mode by I am five-starring songs on Medium so that’s pretty cool. I have small hands so being able to use all five buttons is difficult, but four I can do. It’s really fun playing songs I know and love and feeling like I’m accomplishing something, even though I am clearly not!


That was a recap of Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t very busy at work – at all – but it was busy in other ways. Elliot had a mid-day cross country meet. It was hotter than Hades out there but he shaved 45 seconds off his best time so that was great. Ash and I went for Mexican after, so that was nice.  In the evening, I barely even saw my children. I was home for maybe 20 minutes before Ash and I went to Elliot’s open house, which was long and exhausting. We sat in each class for 10 minutes and had 5 in between just like the kids do. Been a long time since I was in that position!

Today, things were fine in the AM except Dakota has a weird rash on her legs and some major congestion. Why is it ALWAYS something?

I need a break. I need a beer. I need motivation. I need the beach.


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