Random Tuesday – book woes, permanent roommates, renewed interest, summery vibes

Hey everyone, in my attempt to blog at least 4/5 days today I am cobbling together some random!

Stacy Uncorked


  • All my favorite romance authors are starting to virtue signal and infuse their whack job ideas into their books. This makes it incredibly hard to read them and I hate that because really, their overall stories and characters are amazing. And yes, I realize if I don’t like them, I can read something else. But these were the ones I had pinpointed as particularly good writers in a sea of crap. But you can’t keep harping on “strong women who don’t need no man” but then write them into relationships with alpha men. It doesn’t work!
  • That said, J.R. Ward never disappoints and she writes strong women AND men and doesn’t infuse feminist BS into her stories.
  • My kids have recently gotten back into Pokemon Go, which I find amusing because it has been a looong time. Are you still playing?
  • Let me tell you about the towels. So, we found good, absorbent but soft towels at Target; white ones with 4 colored stripes at the bottom. We used these for well over two years, I’d say. Then this past Xmas, my mom got us some tan colored ones, also very good. And as a house warming gift, my father-in-law sent us some very fluffy gray ones. SO, we’ve been using the new sets but this past weekend I put out the older ones and my husband says, “what the hell is up with these towels??” and my jaw dropped to the floor; I had to gather it like a cartoon character. Really, dear husband? REALLY??
  • A couple weeks ago I was really feeling that chill summer vibe but now I just feel blah. It’s not even all that hot; we’re still enjoying the pool too. But I am just lacking that background feeling of summer in my life.
  • Not this past weekend but the one before, I was DONE with my elderly dog. He was making a mess everywhere, just acting up, and clearly, his time was nigh. I had almost made up my mind to put him to sleep, that’s how bad he’d gotten. Then this week, he’s much better. Well behaved even. So the joke now is that the threat of death was heard loud and clear!
  • I’m not particularly stressed out but I kind of want to take a sick day and catch up on some stuff. I think it would do me good, mentally. Do you think it’s morally OK to tell your boss you are “out sick” when you’re just working on your mental health?
  • That said, I totally told my doctor’s nurse that I was going out of town when I called to get my doc to call in an Rx for me without having me come into the office. I bet it helped anyway but my doc is usually awesome about such things. After delivering 2/3 kids, we’re on good terms.
  • Update from yesterday’s post: the old friend I was talking about who’d apparently ditched me was picking up her kid at camp when I was there too. She noticed me, said hi, and asked how I was – in a very friendly manner. So, I don’t think it’s anything personal. Perhaps our lives have just grown apart. It takes effort to keep friendships and maybe the ones she has with work friends are just a lot easier. I get it.

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – book woes, permanent roommates, renewed interest, summery vibes

  1. Take a (cough, cough!) mental health day.

    Your dog may indeed be close to the end. It often happens that an animal or person nearing the end gets a sudden burst of strength and lucidity, as if the spirit is gathering itself up for the journey, right before the end. My vet told me the very best time to send a pet on into the next world is when the body has given up, but the mind doesn’t quite realize it yet.

  2. What to say, what to say, I don’t know what to say…………………….
    Tim uses any old towel he can find and sometimes he has pulled out an old what we call floor towel to use and that is so frustrating.

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