The Friday of my discontent

I don’t know what it is but I am just out of sorts. I guess it’s as I mentioned yesterday: this time of year is all… clunky. Things ending, things beginning. It’s so much that I had better start making a long list; because my brain is on overload.

At least we have sunshine today. I’m pretty sure Monday was the last day I saw it. So I’m alternating between grading papers and standing to gaze out my office window.

I know this is a random thought but I was musing on kid birthday parties. I have been having them for nearly 11 years. During Elliot’s early ones, almost every kid invited showed up. And every kid in each class went to the others’ parties. It was almost a given. Then Isaac was mixed; some were well attended and others not as much. But it faded out as he got older; not even as many kids HAVING them. Then with Dakota… well, hardly any of them having actual parties and even if they did, hardly anyone came. I am at a loss to explain why this trended the way it did. I certainly hope that it doesn’t have to do with social media or politics in any way but I am sure if I did some polls and studied statistics, I’d probably come to that conclusion, if even in some small way.

That said, she is going to two parties in the next few weeks and we’re having one for her. I feel beholden to going to these because if the parents are going to put in the effort – and it IS effort – to throw one for their kid, I should go.

I know I took off Monday but I just need to RELAX. I need to get away or do something I truly enjoy. This doesn’t mean just eating; sometimes I use food as the getaway. But I need a beach day and even moreso, I need something easy. I wish this were within reach but it really isn’t. Hopefully after the weekend, I will be a little more refreshed. See ya next week!

2 thoughts on “The Friday of my discontent

  1. My girls didn’t care much for birthday parties they had some but over all they were not interested in a party, I don’t like people who say they will attend and then just don’t show up very sad for a child

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