Today is my oldest son’s last day of elementary school. I’m not one to make a huge deal out of milestones but this one does seem pretty big. One chunk of school is finished and really, it was the biggest one. Well, longest. I think it will feel more… dire… when he is actually on the verge of sixth grade. We have ten weeks in between. Meanwhile, my daughter has that much time before Kindergarten. And Isaac is moving schools. He’ll be fine; he’s the kind of kid that other kids want to befriend. He’s not all that outgoing but somehow, people are drawn to him.

So it’s a summer of changes. Our lives will be infinitely better with a pool to jump into every afternoon. I have already noted how different it is just living in this larger house, living on this side of town. What else will we realize as the days go by? I guess you could say we have entered a new phase of life and you know, I like it. And I am taking it well. I used to be a little more uneasy and panicking about change.

In about 20 minutes, I am going to pick up both boys because for the 5th graders, they do a last walk through of the school then they want parents to pick them up by the front doors. It’s kind of a nice little tradition as a send-off for them. The plan is that the boys and I will go have lunch then do a couple errands and go home instead of going back to my office, which they don’t really like and I don’t get anything done. I hope it’s a nice afternoon. Sometimes little unexpected activities like this can be nice bonding experience.

So here’s hoping!

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