MMMM + Catch a break?

HAPPY MONDAY! Yeah I am not actually that excited so I don’t know why I used all caps AND an exclamation point. Honestly, when the alarm went off this morning, I found myself very disoriented. Normally I am instantly awake and ready to go!

OK, let’s backtrack to… the weekend.

Friday afternoon, we got to leave work early because an event on campus required road closures. Ash texted me probably 30 mins before I was about to leave saying a friend of his invited us to Growler Country for a couple beers after work. Um, yes please. We just had two and then a ginormous pretzel with what had to be the best beer cheese sauce I have ever eaten. Great for my innards, I’m sure. đŸ˜‰ Anywho, we went home and ordered Chipotle and that about does it.

We woke rather early for the first flag football games. Ell had to be on his field by 7:45 but Isaac’s game wasn’t until 10:30. So yeah, we were at the complex from quarter to 8 until about 11:35. Sigh. While the early game was actually cool – yes, Florida finally saw a nice morning – as the sun crested the tree line, it got rather hot. While I waited on Isaac’s game to begin and Ash to run trails in between, I ordered one of those pop up shade things, like so:


The backs of my legs and my neck were scorched by the sun but this will really help with the mornings out there. If we have 7 more weekends of this, I think it’s worth it.

Once home, I ran out to Publix and got a wee bit of relax time before Ash and I headed towards FSU. As a side hustle, he does tech work for the wife of his old boss and as a Booster, she has a reserved parking lot and two seats in the Champions Club. She was at an Auburn alumni game so she graciously gave her tickets to us. Once we actually found the lot (we were confused for a while and driving around forever) we made our way to the stadium.44153452664_764750e288_z

They revamped one whole side and covered it, put in squishier seats and allowed Boosters to have this all-you-can-eat option inside. It was amazing! Multiple buffets with nice stuff – burger, fresh fried chicken, fancy nachos (not concession type), mac and cheese, veggies, etc. Also, a lot of desserts. All sodas were free but they had two full bars where you could pay for local craft beer and wine and liquor. We really only stayed until half time because we got our value out of it. A lot of fun though for sure. (We didn’t even drink because Sunday runs!)

Sunday, Ash and I both ran our longs: 10 and 6 miles respectively. I took a route I hadn’t run before and though the path was good because it wasn’t concrete and was shady, it was also my first time and it made me nervous. Also, super hilly. It’s actually part of the route Elliot runs with his cross country team and I would say he didn’t accurate relay just how much of a hill there is. It must be easy for him!

I had a million other things to do as well: laundry, pool cleaning, Target, Publix, a brief nap, then Isaac for a hair cut and Dakota to the doc for some rashes. Then I made dinner and finally got to sit down!

This morning, I have a lot to do but I will take some time to share some music.



For some reason, this one came to mind. Here in N. Florida we don’t get MUCH changing of the seasons but we do get a little. Trees drop leaves, etc. So just the act of changing is great for me. I know this one is the metaphorical change of seasons but man, 80s music, huh? Good stuff.

One thing I REALLY love about fall is there’s the smell of fire in the air. So I am sharing this song about bonfires.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Catch a break?

  1. I did high school and college during the ’70’s, but I feel more connected to music of the ’80’s for some reason. A couple of good selections here!

    So wait… the woman whose tickets you used on Saturday is an FSU Booster, but she was at Auburn? One of those “house divided” situations, I’ll bet…

  2. Claire,

    Our neighbor a few doors down has a wood fire stove and I just love smelling it when the weather gets cool enough. We’re not there yet. The season change is always a good thing to like about autumn. đŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up and sharing with the 4M gang, my friend!

  3. That post absolutely exhausted me – I could never keep up with that type of life anymore. But those luxury seats sound so appealing! Your second song really – no, I won’t say it lit my fire – the sudden change in temperatures has me wishing for a bonfire, though.

  4. Wow, you sure have an active life! I don’t know how parents of young kids do it! Crazy schedules.
    Great music. Seasons Change — I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song before. It’s really good! The horns are incredible in this song!
    And I soooo love bonfires! They played a huge roll in my coming up years. Almost every single night I’d be at a bonfire in the neighborhood, hanging out with friends and drinking beer, listening to loud music and laughing like crazy. I so miss those days!
    And Craig Morgan’s “Bonfire” is fabulous and fun! What a great song and the video is fantastic! I love the whole production of just going around to sing and record with everyday folks doing everyday things. Brilliant! Love it! Thanks for the introduction to this gem. It’s going to be my weekend earworm I think… Yippee!

    Have a great weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

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