Bullet Friday

  • Today has felt like THE longest day. This is partly due to the extreme cold in here. It’s 5-6 degrees colder than normal. WTF, FSU? You know, not too many straws left for this camel’s back.
  • There are still two days of University next week but this place is dead. I wonder what percentage of students go home today and just bail on their classes for next week. This year will be the first that staff are off entirely on Wednesday. I normally took it off anyway. Public school kids are off all week so that’s also new. And annoying.
  • I’ve started making a list of the items I need to complete Thanksgiving meal. I got a turkey last week – an eleven pounder for $5.50! – and I have other basics like elbow macaroni, milk, eggs, etc. I’m really looking forward to it, to be honest. I  love making and eating this meal!
  • Though it was in the low 30s this morning, the next 10 days call for mid40s and a high of no more than 70. Sounds excellent! I also cannot wait to make a fire. The chimney guy comes out today to inspect and then, after purchasing a screen, we should be good to go.
  • I made chili last night and it was SO GOOD. Just what I wanted on a cold evening.
  • When our Costco closed their photo center, they sent me a 50 dollar credit to use online. It expires on the 30th and I finally got around to using it! I ordered some photo collages – one printed on metal! I will give it to Ash for Christmas.
  • I’m REALLY excited about our weekend with no pre-planned things. I have little things I want to accomplish and now, I can!

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