Yearly Recap – October, November, December

A little late on this but we were driving the lower portion of Florida yesterday and by the time we got back, there was no time for blogging. So, let’s go and finish the year, shall we?


I went back to work after maternity leave!

And I wrote about how running with my oldest son repaired some of our relationship.

I went to see Luke Bryan and realized I can’t do THAT every day!

I wrote about 10 things I miss about being a kid and five secrets to a good marriage.

And I finishes up with a randomy post about the time change.


I recapped Halloween.

I wrote about how the end of the year seems to spiral out of control.

And I got a chance to talk about why I like Florida.

I also wrote about a regular day for me in specific detail and wrote about getting older.

Some random things happened in the house and I thought I might be losing my mind.

And we had a late-month Thanksgiving.


I recapped Thanksgiving

I started to lose track of time

We tried our hardest to hold it together but my days were crazy

I finished Christmas shopping, as well as watching Breaking Bad.

And to be honest, that’s where we are now. I plan on recapping Christmas at my parents’ house as soon as we’re back home and I have more time to sit down and think. For now, the photos.10226841313_af9c1e0254_c10226687104_cd1d44b4cc_c10392214813_91e7ae5dfd_c10616212193_a69400c2cb_c11033581203_502ca2cc4b_c10914531585_8ccbbdce69_c11115442426_f7688e877f_c11180622275_a2d58f5407_c11315052306_495631d938_c11260321395_93ccacaa44_c

One thought on “Yearly Recap – October, November, December

  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. You had some great tips for marriage, ones that would really work for everyone as you stated it isn’t one thing that works for everyone but you have to find how those things work for you and your spouse.
    So glad you recapped with us! Thank you

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