Aging gracefully, hopefully

I was getting into bed last night and my joints all creaked. My elbows popped and my knees made little crackly noises, like when you step on fallen sticks. My ankles have a general soreness about them whenever I get up from the couch. My hips ache from the push-ups and planks I’ve been doing. I can’t tell if all this indicates that I’m working hard or simply getting old. I remember my parents refusing to sit on the floor and play games with us (we had to sit at the table) and now I understand it. I hardly ever want to get down there (and I’m not even that tall). It’s just sort of a pain to get up and down.

This morning, I have a doctor’s appointment for the carpal tunnel going on in my left hand. If you recall, I had surgery on my right hand about three years ago. It was quick and easy and in roughly two weeks, I was back up and running. My right hand still gets a little crampy now and then but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Today, they’ll put my arm through a series of tests that include electrical impulses sent through my nerves. I don’t mind doctors or any of that but I am a little nervous about the entire process. I can’t remember exactly where the office is because it’s in a big complex within the hospital. I remember the doctor being nice but also a little annoying and overly chatty.  But if I want to get rid of the pain, I must do this.

I always suspected I would age gracefully. I have always looked younger than I am and had a good complexion. I am slowly losing the baby weight and trying to stay as fit as possible. With three kids and multiple jobs, etc, it’s difficult to squeeze in exercise, but I am doing it. I suppose I just never thought about the aches and pains and all that associated with getting older. People are living so much longer now so I have many many years ahead of me. And maybe this is why the creaking bothers me somewhat. It’s too early!

How do you feel about aging? Was there a moment when reality hit you? I remember one day sitting in the passenger seat of Ash’s car and the sun hit my arm in just a way that made me think it looked older. That was a sobering moment. You can’t stop time, of course, but how do you deal with this?

4 thoughts on “Aging gracefully, hopefully

  1. I try not to think about aging because it makes me depressed. But here are the times I most notice it: (1) When it’s a sunny day and I look in the mirror while I’m in the car… hello, face lines! Where did you come from? (2) Whenever I drink ANYTHING anymore. Where did these horrible, two-day hangovers come from? Gone are the days of my 20s when a couple advil and a greasy breakfast could solve all complaints resulting from an all-night binger. Le-sigh.

  2. I would like to think I am aging gracefully………………..somedays I feel like a broken middle aged woman and other days I feel like a bloody well aged wine…………..speaking of wine I don’t drink never have been much of a drinker so no shock there.

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