Random Tuesday – Send shovels; we’re buried


We now return you to your regularly scheduled program

  • My life has been nuts the past few days! On Friday, Ash and I did our normal date day and went for Mexican. I made the mistake of getting margaritas. For one, I haven’t had anything but beer since having the baby. So it’s been a good 15 months since my last liquor drink. I was DONE, let me tell you. I mean, sure, they juice up their frozen margs pretty good and I was feelin’ nice but about halfway through The Hobbit, my stomach started to hurt and my head swam and oh, it took me until Saturday mid-day to feel better. Cheap liquor will do that to you. Not making that mistake again! Dos Equis from here on out!
  • On Saturday morning, I managed to finish up Xmas shopping for my mom, sister, and her boyfriend. (Who might be getting officially hitched here soon, if nothing else than to avoid him having to sign up for Obamacare. He can go on my sister’s insurance.)
  • Around 1, my friend dropped off her boys so she and her husband and mom could start their Christmas shopping. When she’d mentioned they hadn’t even gone yet, we offered to take them. Ell went to preschool with Peyton but since they live farther out in town, the two don’t go to elementary school together. So it was nice for them to hang out; they’re easy. Parker was the constant watch one; he’s not even potty trained. (Or three yet, for that matter)
  • The boys did great until the last 20 or so minutes so I can’t complain. But Isaac skipping nap led to sobbing on the couch and then we found Parker eating crayons right before he stuck his fingers on a hot light bulb. Oh children…
  • Sunday morning, I took the kids to the store and prepped food for lunch but didn’t much care about football because I am out of fantasy playoff contention anyway. But Baby Girl had started to have a wee cough the night before and it was progressing throughout the day. By the evening, she had a low grade fever and her cough was pretty icky.
  • We put her to sleep and finished Breaking Bad. I am still not sure how I feel about the ending but I suppose it ended in the only way it could. I am glad it’s over for us though; that show stressed me out!
  • So yesterday I took Li’ls in to the doctor and they ruled out strep, flu, RSV, and croup. They sent us for a chest xray to rule out pneumonia so it looks like just a cold. Now I don’t usually go freaking out about sick kids but she’s only four and a half months and that cough sounded awful. BUT, I am glad it is just a cold. Ash is home with her today but she’ll probably be good to go tomorrow.
  • Someone always gets sick around Christmas and I should just get used to it, you know? I should accept it and work around it as best I can. I mean, I am worried about driving four hours to Orlando and why should I? Last year, though we didn’t have a baby, we drove to Chicago! And it went so smoothly; it was an excellent trip.
  • I have a million things to do today at work so I’m out. Glad I could make it back to the blog today though. I’ll be starting to queue up some posts as it gets closer to Christmas.

And for fun, some Christmas season-themed tattoos:


5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Send shovels; we’re buried

  1. My mom was really sick for two Christmases in a row when I was a kid (flu, migraine, laid out on the couch dying kinda sick) and ever since then, I have a massive fear of someone getting sick in my family close to Christmas. I worry about it almost as much as I worry about having no snow. I know. First world problems. 😉

  2. Just about every blogger I visit either they are sick or someone in the family is sick. I, for one, am so happy we don’t have children to bring in an illness. Of course, this won’t keep DH from totting something in, but…I think the chances are slim of this happening. Our immune systems are pretty stout for the most part plus we go to extremes to avoid a sniff, a sneeze, a red nose, hacking cough, or someone who remotely looks sick. We keep our radar in high alert during the cold/flu season all the time and more so now that I’m on med that increases my susceptibility of germs. Oh well…I’m gonna be out of Blogosphere from this Wednesday night until December 30th, so y’all have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Loved those tattoos how cool are they, I don’t remember ever being sick at Christmas time unless you count my mum being in hospital Christmas 78 after having a major stroke……

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