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Answer these as best you can:

1. Dinner and a movie: what do you eat and what kind of movie do you watch?

2. Name your favorite actor and actress.

3. Will you watch any old Christmas movie or do you stick to the classics?

4. What is your favorite holiday movie?

5.  Tell us one holiday tradition you have.

Guys, I want to answers these,  I do. But I am in a frazzled state. I want to write about my last few days instead. I hate when I am too busy to even blog. I am only carving out time now because I am eating, finally. I had a 10:30 neurology appointment but I didn’t get called back until 11:30 because my doc was running late. Seems par for the course these days, no matter which doctor I am seeing, especially the pediatrician. SO, my carpal tunnel in this left hand is worse than it was in my right. Additionally, the nerve that runs the length of my arm has had so much pressure put on it that it has basically withered and sputtered out, no longer supplying energy to the muscle on the side of my hand, below my pinky. That muscle has now atrophied. The doc said if I’d waited a year or so longer, my hand would have begun to curl up into an old lady claw! So they’ll refer me to the surgeon who will perform both incisions, which will take about 20 minutes. I am sure I won’t see this all happen much before January but at least I know I am on my way.

Whenever I have a crazy day, every little thing seems like a huge big deal. Baby spits up? Woe is me! I came home and proceeded to do dishes while drinking a beer. Then I had another and I got to feelin’ right. The day sort of melted away, the edges of my life blurring just enough to make it tolerable. The kids and I played outside until it got too dark and we were forced back inside. We put on a movie and ate sandwiches and all was right with the world. In fact, I even got to take a bath; novel! But I was still stressed about that phantom smell. When I got out, I pumped, and capped off my night by spilling almost and entire ounce of breastmilk. Sigh. When I woke up ate this morning, I thought the day might be better even in the fact of the delay but no. baby girl wasn’t feeling good from her shots the day before, Elliot was being bratty, and traffic was surprisingly bad. I know I should let all this go but sometimes, it all mounts up and I start to lose it. I can’t seem to get a grip on what is important and not.

My plan today is to get a lot done at work (this afternoon) and feel like I accomplished something; let that carry me into the evening. Ash has to run nine miles so I’ll make dinner for the kids and figure out his later. It’s always something, you know? Not that I WANT a  break or  time away but I need something that allows me to temper my life; something that makes me see the good in everything I have. I don’t exactly know what that is. It can be hard to force myself to do this when I feel on the edge, completely overwhelmed.

So I’m sorry I didn’t answer the questions today but as you can see, I have to get back to the right state of mind.

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