Friday Confessions – Halloween Hangover

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I confess… I love that I can hear the train from both my house and my office. There’s something about the way it filters through the foggy morning air that gives me chills.

I confess… I am tired from Halloween. We got home and rushed around getting ready, then drove clear across town to our friends’ house. They always do a chili dinner and games, then take the kids around on a hay-filled trailer for Trick or Treating. The kids love it! Ash said my costume wasn’t going to make any sense to people but (and I don’t have the photo handy) it was a total hit! I was a chef and Dakota was a piece of bacon! People absolutely went nuts over it. We got home around nine and got the kids in bed then turned in soon after ourselves.

I confess… my mother threw the turkey carcass from last weekend into our trash can (in a tied up plastic bag, mind you) but it has brought about maggots in the can. Argh. Thanks for creating a mess for us!

I confess… I am still feeling overwhelmed but slightly lighter now that Halloween is over and a new month is upon us. I love November! Cooler weather, still Fall leaves about, and the prospect of the best food-related holiday at the end. Also, i will be making more money from here on out, which always calms my nerves.

I confess… I loved seeing all the fb posts with peoples’ Halloween pics. All the kids were so cute!

I confess… I am looking forward to working a half day today and going to lunch and a movie with Ash. We haven’t had a date day in forever and it is much needed!

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