MMMM + Holiday recap

Whew boy, let me tell you, it was a busy few days there. And this, here at 10 AM, is when I am finally sitting in my desk. I had a dentist appointment at 7:30 then I got on campus with enough time to walk to my class. I also had to forgo coffee until after that class so now, I am properly caffeinating myself.

Our Thanksgiving was pretty good, I must say. I kept my cool and didn’t get annoyed with my mom, the boys were good for the majority of it, and we did a lot without overdoing it. Wednesday night we had spaghetti because our race was Thursday. Since the Turkey Trot isn’t particularly early – as races go – we didn’t have to wake super early. I got mine and Elliot’s clothes ready the night before since we knew it was going to be cold. It was 30 when the race began. Elliot was definitely nervous but I am so proud of him. When we trained, he always wanted to take walk breaks and was asking water, etc. He ran that entire 3.1 miles with no complaints. In fact, when my knee did a funky little wibbly wobbly thing and I stopped for a second, he told ME to keep running! This pretty much sums him up: he rises to every occasion.

When we got home, my mom and I prepped the turkey and we pretty much hung out in the kitchen all day. All the dishes turned out wonderfully and without a hitch. Around 4 or so we all sat down to eat: the five of us, my mom and dad, and our neighbors, Nancy and Smitty. I didn’t over-eat, surprisingly. I think my major food crimes are liquid related; I think I drank all day. Here and there a glass of wine, and then, after dinner, we had these shots called “little beers” which is this 43 liqueur with heavy cream floated on top. So tasty!

Th next day, my mother and I got pedicures and my dad and the boys raked leaves. Ash and I made plans to go out since we had built-in babysitters. Around 7 we met our friend Courtney and Robert at El Jalisco and then saw Catching Fire.

Saturday was all football and eating leftovers. Elliot had a birthday party from 5-8 so that was nice for him to get out of the house for a bit. We watched that Auburn/Alabama game, which was insane! Probably the craziest thing I have ever witnessed in sports. And we were happy to see FSU beat Florida, though that was almost a guarantee. Our team is sick this year, y’all.

On Sunday, my mom and I took the boys to church then came home to make lunch. Our football buddy came for lunch and the games and by the evening, I was just exhausted. BUT, I did manage to put up the majority of my Christmas decorations that morning. The boys and I will probably put the ornaments on the tree tonight and I’ll hang the stockings after that. This might be the earliest I have ever gotten stuff up!

This morning, it’s kind of nice to go back to normal. My house needs to be majorly cleaned but I plan to make an evening cup of coffee and work to put the pieces back together. Having extra people in the house really junks it up. Also, I seemed to have spent more money than anticipated, even though we didn’t eat out one time. I can’t imagine if my family were any bigger; geez.




The theme this week is of course, Christmas songs. So here are a few of my all-time favorites.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Holiday recap

  1. Wow, very busy weekend indeed. But, it sounds like y’all had an enjoyable time and that’s what matters the most. I love your Christmas music selections! Thanks for joining the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew!

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