MMMM + What a weekend! (AKA I’m not 20 anymore)

Oh man, where do I begin? When I left here Friday, I dropped off papers at TCC then headed home to try and fit into clothes – any at all – that looked country. I have a purple-ish plaid shirt that looked western but I had to leave it open since my post-baby fat wouldn’t allow it to close. (I do believe it is time to a.) buy some clothes and b.) amp up the mileage!) Anyway, it looked decent so I went to Publix for snacks and beer. Once acquired, I met up with my friends to head to the show. In the past, traffic has been known to back up on the main road and the interstate all around that area. We picked a good time to go because we didn’t hit any traffic until we pulled onto the land upon which sits the car museum. We got our canopy and table and chairs set up and took to eating and drinking. We played corn hole with random folks and I drank way too much. Can’t do it like I used to!

Around 6 or so we went into the actual concert area and found a spot. More beer was had. Once Luke actually came on, what a blast. I mean – and pardon my language – I had a fan-fucking-tastic time. I haven’t had that much adult fun in a looong time. At one point, some of our group got separated and I ended up pushing my way to the front with my friend’s mom. She’s my mom’s age and managed to get a beefy guy to put her on his shoulders. LOL. It was awesome. The entire thing was rather liberating. I am typically really self-conscious about my dancing/singing abilities but you know, I just didn’t even care. Maybe it was the beer or the fact that everyone knew all the words and were singing along. But it was awesome. (You can see pics to the left on my flickr page, if you’re interested)

Saturday morning though, I was wrecked. Not hungover really but just beat down. And we had to be to the park by 7:45 for flag pictures. I made a gallon of coffee (ok not really) and headed out there. Most of his team showed up on time so we did pics then played the game. His team is used to being able to run it straight up the field and scoring but this team gave them a run for their money. They had to gain yardage little at a time. Which actually worked out because Elliot got at least seven or eight carries – good ones too. Neither team scored their extra points so tied 4-4, (basically) we ended up winning at the very last second, by one point. It as a great game! We headed home and I made breakfast. On Thursday night we’d gone to the brand new Whole Foods and picked up a few things, one of which being this sliced turkey bacon. Yummy stuff! Since we ate a late breakfast, we all ended up taking an early nap then waking up around 1:30 and going out to Sonny’s for lunch.

On a whim, we decided to take a long walk. Everyone – including dogs. We walked to Publix, which is about a mile away, I got tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce for dinner, and then we went home, everyone exhausted. I was doubly tired, even after the nap!

Sunday morning, I meant to get to church but we didn’t wake up in time. The kids and I ended up checking out our new Trader Joe’s (so many new stores around here!) and then going to Whole Foods again. I made a typical Sunday meal: steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and a loaf of bread. However, all ingredients came from WF, which was definitely better all around and only slightly more expensive, considering the joke about Whole Paycheck/Gold Foods. I’m impressed but worry the other stores around here may not be able to keep up.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. I keep thinking one of these days we won’t have one so busy but that’s just our life now. And it’s not so bad!



This is the most random thing I might ever post. It’s a compilation of Luke Bryan doin’ his thang, set to this song. You’ll see.

And here’s a real song that I just love to make up for that above weirdness. 🙂

7 thoughts on “MMMM + What a weekend! (AKA I’m not 20 anymore)

  1. OMG…my daughter is crazy about Luke Bryan but that’s a he!! of lot tail twisting for any country boy..These are fun and sound like ya’ll had a good time. I guess I needed a little “church” on Monday, too. Keep it fun and have a great Monday!

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