Random Tuesday – Rainy, icky, and some anxiety


Tuesday , Rainy, devilish Tuesday

  • That’s right: it is raining like mad. Almost hurricane-like bands coming in, what with the wind. Seriously, it’s actually howling out there. Then, once the rain clears out, it’s supposed to be fairly cold. In some ways, I am kind of excited about that.
  • My turkey is happily thawing in the fridge and I pray that it will be done by around 11 Thursday morning. That’s one thing I don’t want to mess with when I have a million other things to do.
  • Remember I mentioned on Friday that I thought we might have a mouse in our house? Well, my stress from that idea was compounded when, on Saturday, I walked into our bedroom to find… a dead bird. I kid you not. I maybe kinda sorta spazzed right the hell out. I mean, how did it get IN? Ash got it out – it was not petrified so it was newly dead – but I spent most of the day worrying about possible bird nests in the crawl space and holes in our ceilings. BUT, I think I may know how it got in: when I took the grate off the bathroom exhaust fan, that area was exposed. If the exit to that pipe on the roof does not have some kind of grate, that bird could have climbed in and when the grate was off, fell out. I can only surmise that it got in front of my closet on the other side of the room from one of the dogs checking it out, then deciding they wanted nothing to do with the thing.
  • Still, I googled the significance of dead birds, just in case our house is cursed. It does sit about 100 yards away from where a purportedly haunted insane asylum sat.
  • I am planning on taking some “mental health” time this afternoon. My house is a mess and my parents get in tomorrow some time. I don’t know exactly when but I have got to clean and wash sheets and vacuum and I’d like to prep for making food on Thursday.
  • I totally just spent 45 minutes talking about football related problems and I come to the conclusion that our world is just a messed up place. With that, I leave you. I have work to do!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Rainy, icky, and some anxiety

  1. eeeep, dead bird in the bedroom? I don’t blame you for freakin’ a little! Even though birds don’t scare me like mice do, I think I’d be more disturbed by finding one in my house rather than a mouse! lol! 100 yards away from where a purportedly haunted insane asylum sat? I’m intrigued by THIS story!!!

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