Writer’s Workshop – Oh, I miss it


5.) List 10 things you miss about being a kid.

Now you see, back in 2011, I actually did a post just like this. Here you go, take a look. I’ll work on a few of these for the sake of this post and elaborate.  https://incognitusscriptor.com/2011/08/04/13-things-i-miss-from-my-childhood/

Now, things about being a kid are a little more general, I know, so here goes:

1.) I loved being able to run and run and not really feel tired or bothered by the heat/sweat. I mean, I LOVED to run all out. I loved how it felt as the wind rushed past me and the thrill of beating other, slower kids.

2.) Being invincible to food. Who knew that as you aged, some food wouldn’t sit well in your system? I can’t eat a sausage without heartburn these days. And I am not actually prone to heartburn.

3.) On that same note: eating fast food and not ever feeling guilty. I was a pretty sturdy kid but never overweight; that didn’t happen until high school. I miss going to McDonalds with my dad on occasion and having a good old fashioned Happy Meal.

4.) The television. I spoke of cartoons in my other post but I miss the feel of 80s TV. There was something so charming about the commercials and the type of shows. I mean, Full House! My kids love watching that, which is a testament to how those values stand the test of time.

5.) I miss the curiosity. I still do have a thirst for knowledge but when I was younger, there was this desire to find out how things worked and to acquire knowledge. And I had all the time in the world to do it. These days, I am lucky to pick up a few facts from the internet.

6.) Accomplishments felt bigger. When I got on the honor roll or won an award, people praised me up and down. These days, victories are smaller and sometimes only I care about them or just my husband. There’s no reason why i can’t celebrate more, but it’s not the same. (Though, when I beat this one level of Candy Crush, my kids and I jumped around the living room like fools; I was just so excited.)

7.) I miss my room. A kid’s room is a special place. It feels like yours in a world where you actually own so very little. I spend very little time in my room now aside from sleeping so it’s nothing special.

8.) The excitement of the first day of school. Granted, I was a nerd but I loved going into a new classroom with a new teacher and the possibility of making friends. As an adult, all this stuff freaks me out.

9.) I liked that school was my job. I tried my hardest and then knew I got to go home and play. Now, I go to work only to go home and do more work. Though the perks are pretty awesome – my kids make it better.

10.) I miss getting really excited about the next thing. You remember how magical it felt to look forward to something? I still do look forward to stuff but that unfettered feeling of joy is just not there.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Oh, I miss it

  1. Oh, how I relate to this post and these feelings.
    I miss so much about being a kid. The TV & movies we watched, the fun things my brother and I did – just riding our bikes or placing basketball in the neighbour’s driveway. Going to my brother’s ball games and hockey games. The nights when Mom & Dad would surprise us by saying, “Hey, let’s go out for supper” because it happened so rarely. The camping trips with my family. The fun I had with my group of friends.
    I really miss it.

  2. Having the run of the neighborhood was the best when we were young! Definitely something my kids are missing out on in today’s world.

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