MMMM + Trying to hold it together and stay happy

I think it’s bad that I can barely keep track of what all we do on the weekends. Oh, that’s right: Friday afternoon I went home and snuck in a quick nap and some sweeping/vacuuming before getting gussied up for my office holiday party. I did not take any pictures, for some reason, but I did have a fairly good time. And I later found some photos others took of me:1450933_10101905464016754_663329601_n I was home by 8 and we pretty much just watched Breaking Bad until I fell asleep.

On Saturday, Ash had a race so I took the kids to the grocery store and they played pretty well for a while. Made burgers and watched football and then made Martha Stewart mac and cheese again (made it Thanksgiving too) because Ash wanted it. The kids were kind of irritating and Ash was in a bad mood so I am glad before all the dinner making, I took Elliot out for new shoes:IMG_20131208_105442

and to mail his letter to Santa at Macy’s:IMG_20131207_132632

I tagged it with the #MacysBelieve and heard back from their PR people. His photo is in the running to be used in their Christmas eve commercial. Would be pretty cool if they picked it! I highly doubt it though because he wore his Guy Harvey skull pirate shirt. Oh well!

Of course, Saturday night we watched the FSU game and we’re headed to the Nation Championship! I was a Junior in college the last time they won (and were really any good) so I’m hardcore pulling for them. Also, I taught so many of our main guys, I feel pretty proud when I watch them.

On Sunday, since Ash didn’t have to run, I got up and immediately got on the elliptical. I was so proud! And that’s a great way to begin my day. Started laundry and took Elliot to Target for essentials and to let hi pick out things to give to Ash and Isaac. It was my plan to wrap presents while Isaac napped and Elliot went to his friend’s house, but Isaac would not nap! So we put him in our room with a movie and voila: he fell asleep. he’s like me that way. 🙂

The night ended with more Breaking Bad – things are really spiraling out of control now! – and that about does it. This morning, it is rainy, which always makes kid drop-off interesting. But I feel motivated today and that is good.




Today I shall feature two songs with “snow” in the title. One being the old Crosby/Danny Kaye/Vera-Ellen/Clooney song from White Christmas:

and this, a new song I discovered this year by Mindy Smith. “Snowed In”:

I dedicate that one to all my middle America friends who had some unusually early and crazy snow this year while we in Florida get rain and humid heat. Fun!

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Trying to hold it together and stay happy

  1. We watched White Christmas last night. Or forced Turbo to watch while I enjoyed and sang along.
    We got our boys to make Christmas lists Friday night. Still some shopping to do for Bruiser and Turbo, but I’m done shopping for Nick.

  2. I have been questioned on my blog about why I’m not in the picture…well duh..I do the picture taking..seems like you had a fun holiday party. How cute to have a Santa Mailbox..I enjoyed you musical picks for today. I hope the Christmas magic grows and grows for you and yours as the big day comes closer. Happy Monday!

  3. Ahh, there’s nothing like an oldie from White Christmas “Snow”. I meant for us to watch this movie over the weekend, but got side track. Great to see you on the dance floor with the Monday’s Music Moves Me, crew!

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