Random Tuesday – Back to work edition


I ‘m back in the office and ready to work!

  • LOL ; first thing, I got a call from undergrad studies with a problem. Ahh, feels good to be back!
  • My desk was all rearranged but I kind of like the change. It’s a new perspective. I honestly felt a little worried about working; like I’d be bored or frustrated or feel like I don’t belong here. But today, it all feels right.
  • I got Dakota all dropped off at daycare OK; I didn’t cry or feel that bad until I got back in the car and took Elliot. All my babies leave me now and they’re growing so fast and… and… SAVE AS: RIGHT NOW.
  • I don’t know why we try to hold onto time; it cannot be stopped.
  • I am excited for this season; I love October and all the Fall things. With our crazy life lately, I haven’t really been able to get into the spirit.
  • I took Elliot and both other children to flag practice yesterday (Ash wanted to go out and I said I’d take them all on) but no one showed up! Well, one other kid did so that mom and I chatted for a bit then called it. I have no idea what happened to everyone else; there was no email.
  • It all worked out though: I picked up Chinese food for me and the boys, bathed them, read to them, and had ’em all in bed before Bones began!
  • This is going to be a very busy month so I am sure I will have much more to talk about in future posts but for now, I have to do some work!

Ok ok, have some Man Candy.


6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Back to work edition

  1. I have missed the man candy!

    I actually have some Halloween decorations up–just some window clings, but it’s a start.

  2. It’s going to be a busy month, but I’m looking forward to it! Usually I want Fall to fly by so that I can dive into Christmas stuff (my fave time of the year) – but this year, I want to soak up all things Fall before the Christmas Craziness hits.

  3. October busyness will be due large in part to our stacation, which I’m very much looking forward to. Glad to hear things are falling into place. I figured they would. Happy RTT!

  4. You know, the great thing about kids and their growing up is that every age seems to be “the best age”. Every year I keep thinking “oh, if he could just stay THIS age” but then the next year I’m like “no, THIS age.” I too love fall, btw. October’s the craziest!

  5. I think when one has been off work for a number of weeks or even a few months they feel a bit odd when they go back, well that is what I have heard since I have never had a job to go to I really wouldn’t know

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