Writer’s Workshop – Unpopular Opinion: I love Florida


4.) List 8 best reasons you love living in your state.

1.) Though I don’t like this about myself, I am the kind of person who likes to show people when they’re wrong. SO, reason number one that I love living in Florida is to shove it in peoples’ faces when they say that there’s nothing but Disney World and Miami here. Does this look like a big city or an amusement park?7051827873_1624ecd317_c8552339411_8d3af0d80f_c8712394444_02a986b116_c

2.) Now, just because I said we aren’t all amusement parks doesn’t mean I don’t totally love them! I grew up in South Florida and though my parents didn’t have a lot of money, they found ways to make a yearly Disney trip possible. And when we moved to Orlando in ’94, we bought annual passes. I LOVE Disney. I love how it makes you feel like the outside world simply doesn’t exist. Once you live near it, it almost feels like the parks are yours. When you get to go in for special things or know someone who works there and can get you in for free, they become your special place. (Below: my mother and I at EPCOT, 1984 and my kids there this past summer)7176869287_36b5a71cc3_c9059500785_ab484c66f3_c

3.) I love the weather. Sure, it gets hot but I am used to it now and I kind of hate the cold. I live in north Florida now and we get just enough cold to remind me why I would not want to move anywhere with snow. And, though most people will disagree, we do get leaves changing color and nice Springs; it just depends on the year.4452649922_23d1662875_z

Spring springing5462990803_314ba52af3_z

Sun tea in the summer5255200389_8795974cdc_z

Fall leaves5303418194_573db837b7_z

Ell in a frosty winter field

4.) I actually kind of like that we’re a joke to people. Yes, there are a lot of nut bags in Florida. Just look at these! enhanced-buzz-25878-1383591045-10

5.) I like that we have three state school football and three professional football teams and right now, only one of them is any good (Sorry, UM fans). Uh, that would be FSU, ICYMI. Go Noles; woot woot! (Below: me in front of a mosaic in FSU’s coach’s office)7983689714_dcfafbeaf1_c

6.) I love our beaches. You might tell me that they’re better in Cali or Hawaii; of course they are! But they’re pretty awesome here too.images8648579558_0e2baba422_c

7.) I love that Florida has so many regions. Much like my answer to #1, our fair state can be broken down into so many subcultures. I, personally, like living in the north where it’s southern, if that makes any sense! (I’m a country girl at heart.)A_6ab1fe_790984

8.) It’s home and it always has been. I lived in the southern portion, the middle area, and now, the panhandle and no matter where, it always just feels like home. I traveled a lot as a kid but there’s no place like home, as they say.il_224xN.489663637_5ig2

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Unpopular Opinion: I love Florida

  1. I’d love to visit Florida… Disney, of course, would be at the top of my list, but I’d just love to travel around and see the sights and enjoy the weather. And I just might get there someday. I now have two relatives with condos down there that spend the winter months in Florida, so you’d think I should be able to make it happen eventually! 😉

  2. I happen to adore sun brewed tea, Disney World and Florida beaches. I hope to visit my sister-in-law in Fort Walton Beach during the holidays. She isn’t old and rich though…more like young and working class but making it happen. I’m looking forward to it if we’re able to make it. It would ultimately be the least touristy trip we’ve ever made to Florida.

  3. I have to admit that I’ve only done the Disneyworld thing, but my parents almost moved there (opting instead for Arizona). I’d love to go back and explore Florida!

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