Review Extravaganza – Final Months

This is a wee bit late but we got into town late Friday, I spent all of Saturday trying to get back to normal (laundry) and then yesterday, I got sick. Still sick now but I wanted to complete this one.

In October, I got back on track with running and trained for a half marathon and bought my Keurig,  Felt kind of down, Took Elliot ziplining and bought a new couch, ran my half marathon, and did Halloween up good.

In November, we took the kids to the fair, I was pretty stressed and started listening to Christmas music very early, I had some odd issues and Elliot got sick, and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving right here in my home.

In December, Ash kicked off the month by being sick for an entire week, then Isaac got the ick,  Ash and I saw The Hobbit I finally bought my domain, and we took our road trip to Chicago.

And some photos:


2 thoughts on “Review Extravaganza – Final Months

  1. Read your road trip to Chicago- I grew up outside of Chicago so it will always be my favorite city. So sorry about the first hotel experience- that would be awful! How awesome that you ran a half marathon! That is awesome. Thank you so much for recapping.

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