Weekend of DOOM + MMMM

Ok Ok, so it wasn’t THAT bad but men are such babies when they’re sick and so, I am quite happy to be back in my office today. The weekend was stressful!

Friday afternoon was pretty good though. Ash and I went to Longhorn but they were closed due to a water main break so we got some coupons then headed to Boston Market instead. I found a book at B&N for my brother in law and then we saw Killing Them Softly, which was alright. Amusing but not amazing. We got the kids and then after dinner, I took Elliot out to buy his soccer stuff. Saturday morning I felt particularly motivated so I started laundry and mowed both the front and the back yards, along with edging and weeding. Things are foggy after that. I don’t remember napping though I am sure the kids did. It’s sort of bothersome when I can’t even remember what we did.  Oh, yes! Now I remember; Elliot was in a bad mood in the morning and ended up napping around 11. Which actually worked out because his friend, max, showed up at 1 for me to take them to a 2 PM showing of Wreck it Ralph. Originally this was Ash’s ordeal. If Elliot got on pink at school, that was his reward. But (and add this to the long list of stuff Ash hasn’t done since being sick) he wasn’t able to take them and I got stuck with two five year olds. OMG. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. They were both really good in the theater and liked the movie a lot.

That night, after the kids went to bed, I picked up Bonefish for Ash and myself because he needed a good meal; he’d been subsisting on soup and crackers. That was pretty nice. I wanted to watch Elf but the FSU game was on and we both ended up going to bed at 10 anyway.

Sunday was also productive for me; I went to Target alone (because “Santa” had to acquire a couple Razor scooters) and when I got home, I went to the grocery store with the boys then cleaned out my car and put up a few Christmas lights. My nap during the first quarter of the 1 o’clock games was well-deserved!

I have to say, though, that the stress of having a sick husband and my children being super rambunctious all weekend was really getting to me. I had moments of supreme patience and then moments when I vowed to run away.



Sticking with the on-going monthly Christmas theme, I present some songs from one of my all-time favorite movies: Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas!

9 thoughts on “Weekend of DOOM + MMMM

  1. LOL now this is different and new to me. I mean, I haven’t heard of this little show before. Thanks for joining the fun on Monday’s Music Moves Me where we’ll be doing Christmas all month long!

  2. I always have moments of patience and snappiness. I call it a win when the patient moments outnumber the snappy moments.

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