MMMM + Weekend, er, stuff

I will not go so far as to say my weekend was great, though it certainly wasn’t bad. We’ll say average, then. Let’s see, Friday evening was hectic. Ash and I had lunch, which was an interesting experience. I wanted to eat Italian so we went to Macaroni Grill, because he really likes their fettucini. I ordered carbonara, because my mom makes it and it’s tasty. Well, this one was awful! A.) noodles were way undercooked, b.) they had a poached egg on top, when it’s supposed to be a cream sauce infused with egg and c.) it was spicy! I’m sorry but that is not a spicy meal. It had this general heat to it that was just gross. I sent it back and got what Ash had, which was much better. Ash was facing the kitchen and said they all got chewed out when my meal got returned. So that counts for something. After, we went to see Looper, but we didn’t realize Taken 2 was out so we saw that, because Ash really liked the first one. Well, the second one was garbage. Oh well. It was short so we went home and both got our runs in.

Ash got the kids and got ready to go to a card tournament. I got the boys fed and then my neighbor came over to watch them so I could volunteer at Elliot’s school’s Fall festival. I wish we could have taken the kids but it was just too hectic and not enough time. I was slated to cover the K5 drink booth from 7:30-8, which is when it ended. By the time I got there, all they had left was water and Diet Coke. The entire thing seemed well-run but communication was sketchy. The people volunteering before me said they were told people would come around with more drinks for my coolers but they never did. I also talked to the woman who’d signed up for clean-up and would be back at 8. Yeah, she never did show but one of the other moms of a kid in Ell’s class came by and helped me.

I ran 11 miles on Saturday and it was a good run, for the most part. During one portion, where I was running past this tall, white wall and the sun was casting my shadow, I felt in this weird daze from the flicker of my shadow and the brightness of the reflection. Definitely an interesting sensation. But the run itself was better than I thought it would be so that was nice.

Once I got home and all, Ash went out to a co-worker’s house and took their old swing set off their hands. It’s about 8 years old but still in good shape so we set it up for the boys and they LOVE it. It was hard to pry them off it when the sun set that day.

Ash ran Sunday morning and we went to Target because it was time: time to purchase my very own Keurig coffee maker. You see, it all came together perfectly: I sold some books online ($60), had a coupon from a friend ($20) and they’re offering a rebate right now $25 for the model I got) so I spent about 15 actual dollars on the thing. I wouldn’t say I am a cheap person; frugal, yes. So this was the only way I could really justify spending that much but oh, how I do love it. I like that they give you a sampler of k-cups so you can figure out which ones not to buy. Seems like the flavored ones aren’t really strong enough, but they aren’t terrible. The stronger brews seem the best, to me. I’m excited to try tea, and cider, and maybe get some of the specific iced coffee ones. I am so glad I finally got it!

The rest of Sunday was… Sunday: laundry, lunch, football, cleaning, more swing set, losing in Fantasy, which I saw coming when Drew Brees was beginning to break records and Jimmy Graham got hurt. But all in all  and now that I’ve written it down – I guess I did have a pretty darn good weekend. Can’t ask for much more.



This week’s theme is : songs that make you crank up the radio. Let’ go!

That’s just a fun song to sing real loud.

I used to love this song… when I was 15. So I still turn it up.

And this one, because it’s awesome!


8 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend, er, stuff

  1. Oh yeah, you’re turnin’ it up I’d say. McGraw & Chesney together talk about COUNTRY! Salt N Pepper omg I haven’t heard them in so long. Love em’! Great song. I haven’t heard that last song in like forever. Totally turn up., Thanks for sharing YOU ROCK!

  2. These are great songs to “crank up the volume”! Here’s wishing for a better week than last, Danielle

  3. Dancing a day late, but you know what I always say…”better late than never!” Kenny Chesney – Knoxville’s home town boy – love him! I remember when we got our girls (DS wasn’t born yet) a swing set. They loved it and didn’t want to leave it, either. A few years ago, we disassembled and got rid of it. That was so bitter-sweet for me. Hey, nothing wrong with being frugal. That’s the way I like to think of myself, always seeking a good bargain when I can. Thanks for sharing your Turn Up the Volume song picks on Monday’s Music Moves Me – great selection!

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