Friday Confessional – Rough Couple of Days



I confess… I went to the ER Wednesday afternoon. I won’t tell you the problem – because it’s gross – but let’s leave it at GI issues. I actually went to my doc first and she was so concerned she sent me to the ER. Now, I stupidly went to the hospital near my doc first, but when I saw how many people were there, I bailed. I will NOT wait 5.5 hours ever again. (see: Appendectomy in August) I went to the other hospital, which is almost as close to my house as the other, and I was in and out in two hours.

I confess… I am now on antibiotics for some random infection.

I confess… the doc told me to resume normal activities but my discharge papers said not to go to work for two days. Luckily, Elliot woke up yesterday puking so I stayed home until about 1 when I had to go to work because I also had to teach.

I confess… one of my meds said it may make you nauseous and I didn’t believe it until I found myself hurling into a zip lock baggie while driving this morning. Thankfully I had put that in my car yesterday in case Elliot hurled.

I confess… this gloomy weather is probably half of my problem: I have a hardcore sinus/pressure headache and my face feels awful.

I confess… both Ash and I fell asleep on our awesome semi-new couch last night and didn’t wake up to get in our bed until 1:30 AM!

I confess…that I had this awesome dream last night that I was friends with the Hemsworth brothers (Chris and Liam anyway) and we were in some cool older house and they were showing me how to do all these useful things. Weird but funny.

I confess… I woke up feeling amazing! I guess the sleep I got for about 30 mins when I was watching Cars 2 with Elliot and then the early sleep on the couch really helped.

I confess… Elliot saw four movies yesterday: The Incredibles in the morning, Cars 2 mid-day, Lilo and Stitch in the afternoon with Ash, and then he took him to see Hotel Transylvania in the evening because Ell had gotten on purple a lot this week at school. That’s a lot of movies! But when you’re home with a pukey kid, what else is there?

Anywho, time to get started on my grading. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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