Rough start to 2013

Oh man, you guys. Shortly after I posted Monday morning, I really got to feeling bad. I had errands to run though so the boys and I hit up Target and Burlington and we went to Chik-fil-A – because they love it – and by the afternoon, I knew I had something worse than a sinus infection. I started my “dead to the world” phase then. Tuesday, I barely had the energy to do anything but luckily, Ash was off work so he took care of the kids. By 2:15, I dragged myself to Urgent Care and came home with a flu diagnosis and an RX for Tamiflu. I tell you what, that stuff WORKS. That night, Ell had a low grade fever and by Wednesday mid-morning was full-on sick. So he and I went to the ped around 2 and sure enough, flu. My doc also got Isaac on the meds as a preventative and Ash went and did the same. Tamiflu for everyone! I lost so much time; I barely knew what day it was. I’m not 100% but WAY better than I was. I plan on finally taking down the Christmas stuff today while Elliot rests; I think he’ll be good to go by tomorrow.

But what a cruddy way to welcome the new year, you know? I wanted to begin by cleaning the house and resetting after the trip but I’m lagging behind. Plus, I was supposed to have been at work the past couple days. Without fail, I’m going tomorrow. The thing is, it’s not just my FSU job I have to do stuff for. All my other online and teaching obligations begin really soon and I was planning on getting them squared away these two days while in the office. I think best there. Sadly, I am going to need to learn to adjust.

And just when we’ve settled in next week – school begins the 7th – we’ll leave mid-day Friday to go to Orlando. We have yet to do Christmas with my family because of the Chicago trip and at the same time, Ash is running the Disney marathon. It’s going to be an insane weekend. But I am looking forward to it. I know my mother wanted us all to be together for the holidays but it can’t always be that way. She’ll adjust as well.

Well, that’s what’s been going on here with us. It’s been crazy and there’s no sign of that letting up soon but we’ll get through!

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