Friday Confessional

I confess… I am ready for our lives to get back to normal. Everyone has been sick and that throws off everything. I am home with Isaac today, and though he just fell peacefully asleep on the couch, he’s still driving me nuts. He’s hungry, asks for food, I open whatever it is, and he won’t eat. Argh!

I confess… I spent waaay too much at Target this morning but I crossed a lot of people off my list for both birthdays and Christmas. So there’s that.

I confess… I said my final words to my class yesterday and I wasn’t sure how they would react. They were all really good students and no one gave me any issues. At the same time, we didn’t have some wonderful class bond either. Like, they found me semi-amusing but weren’t all that chatty or super friendly. However, after I told them how great they were, they thanked me and seemed to genuinely like the course. So I did feel pretty good in the end. I guess teacher evals will be the true deciding factor. A few semesters ago, I had a good class but it wasn’t particularly awesome but I got the best evals ever. So you never know!

I confess… Even though Isaac is being a serious asshole this week, due to his semi-illness, he is so adorable and innocent

when asleep.


4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. I spent a shit ton of money at Wal-Mart last weekend, and felt the same way about it – it broke my bank account, but I got pretty much everyone crossed off my list for Christmas and December birthdays. That felt good, despite the empty wallet.

    Hope Isaac is feeling better soon!!

  2. I plan on getting a couple more gifts knocked out this weekend. We really don’t have all that much left to get. I mostly need to get things wrapped and under the tree–that we need to get this weekend–and see what’s left to get.

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