Slow down, think, feel, breathe

We booked our Chicago hotel this morning and now I am hardcore thinking about Christmas. I know I shouldn’t; I want to keep thinking Thanksgiving and just enjoying this cooler weather. I keep playing this song:

and I feel that mellow coziness that comes with this time of year. I have resolved not to stress at all. Ok, I may stress some, but less than I usually do. I don’t need to feel rushed and crazy about shopping and meals and family. I’ll try my hardest not to worry about driving across the middle of this country with two kids.

But first, I’ll focus on the sights and smells of the season. Nights have been cool here and those Floridians lucky enough to have a fireplace have been gracing me with that wonderful wood-burning scent.

In the meantime, I am enjoying hot apple cider or lemon tea at night (mostly to ease this scratchy throat; darn winter colds), the beautiful leaves that you wouldn’t think we’d get in Florida, but we do. The trees along my running route are all yellow and red, though most have dropped most of their foliage by now.

The air feels cleaner when it’s cool like this. I feel like I can breathe better, though I have been getting sick for a few days now. I wake up and my throat is fine but by day’s end, it’s really sore and feels like someone tried to choke me out. Everyone in the house has some kind of cough; it’s definitely time to break out the humidifier for the kids’ room.

I really appreciate the changes that the world goes through at this time of the year; it almost makes me more motivated to change myself in certain ways. I have been working on my calmness. I tend to overreact to things the kids do and get very uptight. Last night was the perfect example: Ash asked me to get the kids so he could get a haircut but I also had to get my new glasses from Costco. Took the kids with me and we got the glasses and a chicken. Isaac was a hot mess in the store and he melted down as soon as we got back outside. I still had to go to Publix and made the mistake of stopping into the one on the way home, which will be closing shortly because a new store is opening across the street. They had neither of the two things I needed for dinner so I hauled the kids back into the car, sunlight fading, and took them to yet another store, after a long day of daycare/school and no snack. I did manage to get them cookies at the final stop and we got home at almost 6. THEN I started dinner. They were whiny, I was tired and grumpy, but I still got dinner on the table and right before Ash got back from his torturous seven mile hill run. BUT, I was angry and stressed the whole time. Once I finished though, I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down with my nightly tea.

Life seems so busy this time of year but if I can eke out a half hour each night for something calming for myself, then I think I’m doing ok. And I’ll just keep listening to my Christmas music, even though it’s way ahead of time. Because it makes me happy.


3 thoughts on “Slow down, think, feel, breathe

  1. Thanksgiving is early this year, but that means more time between then and Christmas–maybe Christmas won’t seem so rushed this year.

  2. I too am excited for Christmas, and trying to remind myself that I should be soaking up this time of year and not rushing the festive season. It’s tough, though. I say if the Christmas tunes make you happy, then go right ahead.

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