MMMM + Great Weekend in Spite of Some Sickness

Man, you guys, between Halloween mid-week and going to the fair on Saturday afternoon, we’ve been busy. TOO much fun, I think. At least for Ell. He can’t seem to let it go. Anyway, Ash and I really wanted to see Cloud Atlas on Friday but the only showtimes were 12:30 (which we weren’t going to make) and 2:30 (which meant we’d be late to get the kids.) So we ended up seeing the steaming pile of crap that is The Man With the Iron Fists.  I definitely think RZA should stick to rapping or whatever it is he does, because my two year old could have written more coherent dialogue. I should have known better, honestly. Oh well. Anywho, I picked up the kids because Ash had to go to a going away dinner for one of his oldest and dearest friends. It’s a guy he met early on in college and we have been friends with through all the stages: dating, marrying, having a baby, etc. His wife took a job in N.C. and moved months ago so he is finally going to be with his family. After the dinner/party thing, he went to his friend’s house to finish helping him pack and load the truck, which he apparently was WAY behind on, considering that he was supposed to drive out Saturday afternoon to return the truck Sunday and start his new job today. Oy! Luckily, Ash is the kind of person who gets people motivated so I think Kelly got a good deal of his work finished but Ash definitely didn’t get home until close to 11:30.

Saturday morning I was starting to not feel so great. My throat was hurting and I had the headache of the century. No kidding; it was the kind that resonates form the very center of your brain and hurts when you move or lay down or, well, do anything at all. Ash ran and I was going to but I just wasn’t feeling it. We ran some errands then had lunch at Cracker Barrel before we all took a nap, which was much needed. And after that – and because the kids could not contain their excitement one moment longer – we met my friend and her family at the North Florida Fair. Elliot went to preschool with Peyton but they go to different elementary schools so it was nice for them to see each other.

We had an excellent time. Ell and Peyton had unlimited ride bracelets so they went at it. Isaac juuuust reached under the 36 inch minimum for most tides so he couldn’t go on a whole lot but he loved the bouncy house, which was seriously the best deal there: only 6 tickets and pretty much unlimited jump time. We ate corndogs (Courtney and Robert ate all kinds of junk: chili cheese fries, chicken on a stick…) and the kids rode themselves silly. Isaac could go on a few rides with an adult so I went with him on some.

We were there a good four hours and I was surprised no one melted down or fell asleep in the car. In fact, when we got home a little after 8, I made spaghetti for Ash and both kids stayed up to eat that too. But then they were promptly put to bed.

Sunday morning I woke feeling even worse, though no headache. I managed to get a lot of cleaning/laundry done and the kids were exceptionally well-behaved. They technically woke at 7:30, though due to DST, it read 6:30. Sigh. I was hoping yesterday wouldn’t feel, as it so often does, like the longest day EVER, but right around 3 o’clock, that feeling set in. By 8 PM, I was just done. I made some hot apple cider and got in bed to read.

This morning is cool but not cold. I think mid-week it’s supposed to cool off after some rain. This is the November I know. And I love it. I think it might be overtaking October as my favorite month. We have days off all the time and the weather is better and we cap it all off with a huge meal. What can be better than that?


It’s freebie week on MMMM so I’m going to choose some songs from VHI’s current countdown: America’s hard 100. These songs get your blood pumpin’!


This song may sound like a bunch of gutteral groaning but seriously, the guitar in here is insane! Imagine how fast their fingers are moving.

The most political of all Megadeth songs.

And good ol’ Krokus. This is classic!

If you weren’t already awake today, you should be now! Happy Monday!!!

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Great Weekend in Spite of Some Sickness

  1. Autumn is definitely in full swing and now the time change. Ugh! It always takes me a few days to adjust to this craziness. I hope you’re doing better today. Your freebie picks are really thumping the beat this morning. It’s always so much fun to dance with you on Monday’s Music Moves Me – the greatest dance party in Blogosphere!

  2. I like November, but it does seem like a very short month–Thanksgiving is only like two and a half weeks away. But then October was a long month anyway.

  3. Wow, you were busy but after listening to your songs I am gonna hazard a guess that your headache is all gone LOL. These definitely wake you up on Monday morning and my husband would love them 🙂
    Although,the rain was very soothing on the first one at the end! It took me by surprise.

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