MMMM + Afterturkey Burnout

No. More. Turkey. I can’t take any more! But I had a really great Thanksgiving. My parents got into town Tuesday evening and stayed with my kids in the AM; I went home around 11 on Wednesday. Once they were down for  nap, my mother and I got pedicures and did some last minute grocery shopping. Surprisingly, the store was not jam-packed. That evening, my mother made one of my favorite meals, carbonara, and we watched Snow White and the Huntsman. That is, until around 10:30 when Elliot woke up puking. He was semi sick the entire time but I think it’s just a lot of mucus. Half the time he acted like he was fine and the other half, he just seemed tired.

Anyway, Ash and I didn’t even have to get up all that early for the Turkey Trot. We did, however, think it started at 8 when in actuality, the 5/10/15k started at 8:30. So we stood around in the cold a bit too long. The race itself was ok. I could have had a better time but I realized I didn’t care. Got back from that and went straight into food prep mode. In fact, right up until about 4:45, I was helping my mother prepare. But it all turned out SO good, In fact, my mac and cheese was, according to Ash, the best I ever made. My neighbors came over as well so it was a nice gathering. Isaac ate about three bites and turned up his nose; the kid is totally going through a phase; that was good food!

On Friday, we mostly laid about; my mom and I went out around 1:30 and stores had stopped being overcrowded. In fact, Target wasn’t even that bad. I got some things for my 12 days of xmas swap partner and some other stuff I needed. I am not one to do Black Friday shopping; I still find deals at other hours NOT midnight. 🙂 I did manage to get out my Christmas decor on Friday and it was mostly done before my parents left Saturday mid-morning, which was just about time. Sometimes my mother can get annoying and after a few days, Elliot wears on my dad’s already thin patience. All in all, a nice visit.

I only regret two things: that I did not take a photo of everyone at the table, at least, not one where we all purposely looked; and not having my parents take a family photo to use for our Christmas cards. Time just got away from us. But that happens. I can find a way to get photos done in this next week.

After my parents left, I got so much else done: laundry, cleaning, and the big one: cleaning out the garage. After we had our gas tank taken out and sand was delivered to fill the hole, we bought a wheelbarrow… whose front tire busted right afterwards. So it sat in our garage for about a week, causing Ash to park outside. Then, we started pulling out other junk and toys and things and the garage became a junky storage mess. So I decided to clean it yesterday. And man, I kick myself for not taking before and after pics because it was drastic! But, mission accomplished.



Today’s theme is “Songs that inspire you.” Last week, I played two that also do this so, here’s hoping I can come up with others.

Gonna Fly Now, from Rocky, is one of the most inspirational songs I have on my ipod for running. If this boxer can run, so can I!

Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope you Dance; always reminds me to take opportunities when they present themselves.

Modern Day Prodigal Son by Brantley Gilbert reminds me never to stray too far from home or what’s really important.

Hope you all had a nice holiday; see you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Afterturkey Burnout

  1. I know the first two songs and love them both inspirational in different ways but the last song, wow, very beautiful,touching and I just loved it.
    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving and nice visit with your parents AND managed to accomplish a huge cleaning mission, kudos to you, now that is quite a weekend 🙂

  2. OH yeah, Rocky! That is totally inspiring!!! There’s a little modern day Prodigal son in each of us, isn’t there? For sure, we all shouldn’t let an opportunity to do anything slip pass us coz there may never be another one to come along. What’s the saying, it’s the regrets we have in the things we didn’t do than what we do. So, I say dance! Thanks for joining Monday’s Music Moves Me

  3. Actually, I have not had enough turkey this year. We are going to have another great turkey dinner with all the trimmings on New Years! Yay!! Then I will probably be sick of it. Great songs, and have a wonderful week,

  4. Rocky has always been a favorite in our house, and in fact, I named my youngest son Robert after my godfather, but we have always called him Rocky. hehehe Hope you dance so inspirational love it. Your last song is new one for me, but very nice & listening to the words very inspirational. Have a great week.

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