Yearly Recap – 3 x 3 – July, August, September

This is when our year really got crazy and picked up. I’m excited to start recapping!


It rained for weeks on end and I turned 35 weeks, which made me insanely tired.

We watched A LOT of Game of Thrones. It was our nightly habit.

We got the nursery mostly finished.

I recapped how I was currently feeling, etc…

I started having a lot of contractions.


Baby girl was born! (This post occurred on the 12th but she came on the 3rd.)

I got used to baby# 3  and won a $100 gift card to Bonefish.

Elliot went back to school and had a birthday party.

Elliot lost his first tooth!

Ash got sick and made my maternity leave more stressful.


We belatedly celebrated Ell’s birthday (his actual one) and he finally learned to swim.

Ash ran a color run and some family came to visit.

I mused while on leave.

Maternity leave ended and Elliot started getting good at flag football.

And now, photos:








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