MMMM + Home with the baby alone

Elliot is back to school today – 1st grade! But it’s the first time I’m home during my maternity “vacation” without anyone else. I am very much looking forward to finding productivity in unlikely places, reading, writing, and sleeping. However, I am also dreading the alone time. Not because I don’t like to be alone, but because those late afternoon hours tend to get a little lonely. Sure, I have Dakota but our conversations aren’t exactly riveting.

Anyway, we had Elliot’s birthday party this week. Summer birthdays are tough because – at least for him – school starts about 2 weeks before his actual birth date so the people we invite are friends from elsewhere and, this year, I did a save the date type invite for people from his class. We invited 9, 4 came. So that was cool. We ended up with 19 kids total so no complaining! All in all, it went off without a hitch, especially considering the tropical storm bearing down on us. We had a window of about 4-5 hours where it didn’t rain, even though all around that time, the chance of rain was 100%.


My parents were a big help with the baby but she was super good the entire time, as were the boys. They left for their hotel a  bit earlier in the evening than normal and once all the children were asleep, Ash and I watched The Godfather because – believe it or not – he had never seen it!

Sunday was pretty low-key; breakfast with family before they left and then after nap, the kids and Ash played Skylanders for a good long while. I made dinner and after everyone of the child persuasion was in bed, I fell asleep on the couch. I had a headache and my allergies were flaring so that didn’t help.

Drop-off went well this morning and I like Elliot’s teacher. I’m hoping he has no behaviour issues this year (he pretty much had that out of his system halfway through Kindergarten anyway) and that he likes his class. Ell’s the kind of kid who likes to say he doesn’t like something or is bored with it, even if it isn’t true. So I hope his report of day one is a good one.




Since it is a freebie week I shall share a new one from Green River Ordinance, who had a hit with “Dancing shoes” a while ago. This new one is just as good, if not better!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Home with the baby alone

  1. Our first day is next week. I really hope Turbo likes his teacher and she likes him this next year.
    Good luck to Elliot–may his first day be great!

  2. School started last week. I totally get what you’re saying about those not-so-riveting conversations with wee ones. When ours were small, I was a real jabber jaw when DH got home. I was starved for conversation. Unfortunately, he was too worn out to do much talking. Now days, I’m kinda back in the same boat except I have no one at home with me. If I talk to anyone during the day, it is to me, myself, and I. That’s not much of a conversation, I tell you. Thankfully now in the evenings, DH isn’t so tired and can hold a lovely dialogue. This will all be for a short season, just cherish it while you have it.

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