Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – I’m a mom – again!


Seriously Shawn

Hey hey, I’m back!

  • I should be back to semi-regular blogging now, thankfully. It kind of keeps me sane.
  • I think now, after one week and three days, baby Dakota and I have found our stride. She sleeps and eats well and she’s a generally happy baby. For now.
  • I find that now that I am no longer pregnant, I enjoy things so much more: books, music, writing. I think the last few weeks of pregnancy tinge everything in this malaise; so much suffering! I am ever so glad to see glimpses of the former me.
  • Oh, and I totally won a $100 gift card to Bonefish on twitter. They asked us to tweet a good reason to celebrate and I said I was having a baby. Sweet!
  • It’s just me and Elliot hanging out this week so that’s interesting. So far, he’s not too annoying and we’re getting along. I have to keep him busy, that’s all.
  • I think if he’s good, we’ll go to the ice cream shoppe that makes their own… and charges an arm and a leg. But it’ll be a fun treat.
  • For a long while, I was into country music something fierce. I would say over the past 6-8 months, I sort of waned. But now, it’s starting to sound interesting again. Honestly, I need some new bands to listen to. Suggestions?
  • I am ready for football season to begin! It signals the school year and Fall and running and the stumble towards Christmas. And I love all of that so much!
  • Elliot is really into this friv website. Have you sen it? Basically, it’s a ton of mini games. When I let him play on his computer, that is what he’s doing, though I’d rather he be learning! I guess he is working on hand-eye coordination.
  • Sadly, this is all I can spin up for random blogging day; the baby is a little testy this morning, as she had some blood drawn, and I have a long list of to-dos before Elliot’s birthday party on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – I’m a mom – again!

  1. First off, congrats on being a 3x Mom! Dakota is a cute baby girl! Of course, I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly baby even though some people say they are out there. I find it hard to believe. lol How wonderful you’re settling into the whole new routine where she’s sleeping well. That was a huge problem with two of our kiddos. DD#1 wouldn’t hardly let me put her down at bedtime for months and DS had his nights & days mixed up for the first 6-weeks. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. High five you you for winning the gift card, next it is great that Dakota is sleeping well and you are adjusting to being mum to a baby well being mum to a new born is different then being mum to a toddler or child they have their own way of being demanding.

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