MMMM + Weekend schmweekend

There are no weekends when you’re on maternity leave; it’s all one big long week! UGH! I like to earn my two days off with hard work during the week. Now, I do work around here every day and I can’t keep track of the day or date. Anywho, as you may recall, I had a sick husband on my hands so that was a huge damper on, well, everything.  Ash and I watched Premium Rush that afternoon, which was a pretty good little movie; I was surprised. Then I mowed the lawn, which was a total pain because it was really long and I used the bag, which meant a.) I had to empty it every fourth row and b.) it took me three times as long to finish. Friday night I made dinner for the kids (his throat was still jacked up) and we watched Hunchback of Notre Dame. Though it was touching, it’s still not the best movie. I do like that Esmeralda isn’t necessarily a princess, though. Kids got to bed somewhat late but woke by 7 the next morning. Didn’t do an awful lot on Saturday. Ell had his last swim lesson and thank God those finally paid off. He’s swimming pretty good now; at least to the point I know he won’t just start drowning in a body of water. We went to Sonny’s afterwards and of course by then, Baby Girl woke up cranky. (We’d gone to Best Buy before lesson because a huge thunderstorm the night before killed our router.) I tried to feed her at the table – huge blanket covering us and all – but she was being fussy. What a time to run into one of Ell’s old friend’s grandparents! Sigh. And oh well. I kind of looked like a newbie mom in that moment but eh, it happens.

We basically watched college football for the entire day. Sunday I made blueberry muffins and went to the store but I was in a pretty bad mood but I don’t know why. We had steak, mashes, and grilled corn for lunch then I did load after load of laundry. I did steal away for about 30 minutes and procured an iced latte. I just needed it. Ash had promised the boys a sleep over in the living room, just the three of them, so around 6, they got the Aerobed inflated and camped out to watch 3 movies: How to Train your Dragon, Jack the Giant Slayer, and Kung Fu Panda 2.  The only one we hadn’t seen was the 2nd one. Ash actually slept out there with them all night, which I found amusing, but they loved it. I foresee someday us buying a tent and doing this in the yard and then, possibly, doing some actual camping. Ash is sort of wary of wildlife but I know it would be fun.

Today, we’re probably going to our favorite hibachi place to belatedly celebrate Elliot’s birthday. Then? Who knows! Probably just chill until the FSU game tonight. Go Noles!download



For this freebie week, I’ve chosen a song I heard on the SXM country station but I’m picking it because there was a time, maybe a year, year and a half ago, I gave every new and newish song a chance but lately, I have been sort of ignoring anything that wasn’t familiar. On my Starbucks run, I ended up listening to this one by Frankie Ballard and really liking it.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend schmweekend

  1. Well Amen to that one it sure is one helleva life! hehehe Glad your hubby is doing better now which means you’ll be doing better. So how big are we … what no pictures??? You did say you were on maternity leave right or did I read something wrong? Do we know the gender or maybe you don’t wanna know. Well have a great labor day! Thanks for joinin’ us you duh best and you certainly ROCK!!!

  2. Being a mom 24/7 means no time to oneself. I did this for 25 years. This is a short drop in the bucket of life, though. Before long, you’ll be back to the grind and missing these moments. Enjoy ’em while you can! 😉

    This is a new-to-me song, but am liking it, too! Thanks for hitting the dance floor with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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