MMMM + unexpectedly busy weekend

Friday evening, while I was just sitting around, my Uncle’s wife messaged me on Facebook. Backtracking, this uncle is my dad’s youngest brother, with whom I have spent the least amount of time. He was married a long time ago to a nice woman with two daughters. Then that ended and about 5 years ago he met Samantha and they had a kid. She friended me on Facebook and we talked a lot on there. BUT, they just moved from Kentucky to about an hour and a half from me. According to my mom, they’re trying to reconnect with family now SO… when Sam said my uncle was ok with them visiting, I was like, “Tomorrow? Really?”

But you know, you can’t necessarily reject family like that. Maybe close family but those periphery people, you sort of have to say yes to. Well, we already had morning plans: Ash ran the Color Run 5k, which is totally one of those spectacle races; they don’t even keep time! But it was a whole lot of fun to watch.9691118065_e864240cbd_c9691381701_b4799f5a6b_c

After we got home and cleaned up (my tub is STILL a little purple!) my relatives arrived and we went to lunch. Ash was amazed at how much like my father my uncle is. My mother finds this interesting since he wasn’t that close to my dad. But the way they tell stories and sort of brag about things is uncannily similar for sure. After lunch we basically just hung out and chatted while their son “played” with the kids. The quotation marks imply they were in the same room but not really interacting. He doesn’t go to school so I fear he’s not necessarily socialized. I think I heard him say 5 words. But he really liked the kids’ toys; at least someone wants to play with them! Everyone left around 5 and we went to Publix for a few things but man, I was beat that night.

Sunday, Ash ran early and then Elliot and I ran .8 miles, which I realize is not far but it was my first outdoor run since having the baby. It was surprisingly easy, thank God. And Ell did well too, so that’s good. His problem is not starting but sticking to. We’re training for a Thanksgiving 5k for him so we’ll see how he does. Around 10, I got a call from my friend, Courtney, asking if we wanted to meet  up at the playground so we went there for an hour. getting home a mere 10 minutes before kickoff – first full Sunday of NFL!  We have a friend, Mike, who comes each week to watch ( we don’t see him any other time of the year!) so we had guests all weekend, basically. Once he left at halftime of the 4:30 games, Ash decided we needed to get out so we hiked trails at the park. It was pretty nice, actually. I think I was only hot because I had Baby Girl in the carrier. We picked up Chipotle afterwards and once the kids were in bed, I was dead tired. Sadly, Dakota was wide awake and I had to wait to sleep.

Today, I have papers to grade but that’s it. The weather is nice but it’ll be hot again this afternoon. Sadly, it hasn’t cooled down before Elliot begins flag football, which is today. First practice! We have open house right after; another busy day! Such is the Fall.


This week’s theme is Disney songs and/or 70s. Let’s see if I can pick some obscure ones!

From Bedknobs and Broomsticks

From the Haunted Mansion ride; that counts as Disney, right?

And I love this Rob Thomas song from Meet the Robinsons, I highly underrated Disney film.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + unexpectedly busy weekend

  1. Did not know the last one nor have I seen the movie. Guess I will have to now. 🙂
    My cousin did the color run this year too. I am going to do it. I think it would be so much fun.
    THanks for playing along again this week.

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