MMMM Freebie + The end is nigh

That’s right: today is my last day of maternity leave. How did that even happen? I accomplished most things I wanted to but didn’t get around to others (like painting all the door jambs). I enjoyed my time off and I was glad those Bones reruns were on, even if they did hamper my productivity. Baby Girl is ready to go to daycare. We hung out with the ladies from the infant room on Friday for a bit and I can tell you this: when the older woman came down to look at her, she elicited the biggest smile ever. Even I can’t get a smile like that out of her! The woman said people call her the Baby Whisperer and I believe it. I will miss her when I go to work but it has to be done.

The weekend wasn’t bad. Ash went out Friday night so the boys and I had dinner and they watched a movie until bed. Elliot had a morning flag football game – which they won – and then we went for pizza. He was actually in the game ; as in, paying attention. He even had a fairly good run. Isaac had a birthday party in the afternoon and Ash took him – thankfully, because there was apparently a clown. I hate clowns! We had dinner and watched Epic and that’s about it.

Ash ran Sunday morning and I was in a pretty foul mood, though I’m not sure why. The day dragged on and on; I took Isaac to yet another birthday party in the afternoon, missing the first two hours of football. Also annoying. I lost in one of my fantasy leagues but won in another, so there’s that…

Today, I’m just waiting it out until 12:30. I told Elliot I would eat lunch with him one of these days – parents are encouraged to do so – and since it’s my last day with free time, I’m doing it. I already went to Target, where they were remiss in ringing up this 2 dollar clearance toy but charged me 10 bucks for something labeled on my receipt as “Life jkt vst”, which describes nothing I purchased. Sigh. How much do I care about 8 bucks? Enough to go back. I have to buy some bottles at Babies R Us anyway so after lunch, that’s what I’m doing. Sigh.

It’s overcast and depressing out today, but cool and Fall-like too. I am trying to appreciate this last day and be thankful for the time I have been given.




Freebie week equals a random smattering of songs so let’s begin with the one from the Diet Dew commercial with Dale Jr.

Then, how about a song featured in the Toyota Corrola commercial.

Then, for a change of pace, a country song.

9 thoughts on “MMMM Freebie + The end is nigh

  1. Wishing you a smooth transition going back to work. It can be heart breaking for some and for some it is a sense of getting back to themselves. I would say I haven’t heard the first two(neat songs) but I surely have heard the one in the Toyota commercial but Carolina has become a house pleaser around here. Happy Monday!

  2. It is always so hard to put our babies in daycare and go back to work. However, when you got to pay the bills…sigh.
    Anyway, I like your choices today. I really maybe need to pay attention more to commercial music. Then again, half the time, I do not hear them anyway. lol

    Have a great week and thanks for playing.

  3. Time really scoots by, doesn’t it? Well, I am confident you’ll rise to the occasion of going back to work and juggling the whole family thing because you have a “Super Woman” quality about you. What’s that, you didn’t know? Well, in my book you are. I’m in awe of mothers who work outside the home and manage to keep things together on the ole home front.

    Thanks for spending part of your day dancing with the 4M crew! Have marvelous musical week!

  4. How long was your maternity leave for, my daughter was only off for 6 weeks after she had both her daughters. If you find a good day care then it can be good for the child but it is so bloody hard……….

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