MMMM + Another weekend in the books

Ahh, the weather is giving us the briefest glimpse of Fall today: 72 and dry – for once! – so I have my kitchen’s glass door open to the screen and am drinking my latte while writing. It’s really nice! The weekend was warm but not sweltering; we even played outside both days. On Saturday, Elliot went to my boss’s house to hang out with her grandson, because they’re friends now and go to the same school. So they swam there then went back to his house (which is a lot closer to ours) and played there a while. We took Isaac to the playground before getting Ell; really trying to give Isaac some special attention since he’s finding himself a little lost in the new family dynamic. We watched GI Joe: Retaliation that night and it was pretty disappointing, considering the first movie was not bad at all. The second one was just a bunch of scenes shoddily strung together. Blah.

Ash ran Sunday morning and the boys attempted to play without fighting. In the afternoon we went to Lowe’s and then to Lofty Pursuits for ice cream. Since the kids were all hopped up on sugar, we went to the playground, then came home and took baths, had dinner, and they went to sleep a wee bit early, which allowed me to go pick up Bonefish. That place tastes the best when it’s free! (Had the gift card I won a few weeks back.)

Elliot has had a loose tooth for weeks now and I really thought he’d lose it yesterday. However, it hung on by a tiny thread until this morning. He’s thrilled of course and I’m nervous about possibly waking him up when I attempt to place this gold dollar under his pillow. How do parents do that, you know? You can kinda see the gaping space there at the bottom. Also, this pic makes his nose look really big. (Taken with Ash’s phone in a dark hallway; bad idea.)tooth

I’m not sure what I’ll do this week but I need a plan. Maybe if I make a list of all the things I want to do, I can begin crossing them off. As I have said before, being on maternity leave is all about being an opportunist. You have to see moments of free time, in between feedings and fussiness, to really start attacking projects. I swore I would repaint all the door jambs but uh, we’ll see. That involves one entire day of blue taping around them and another day painting multiple coats. It really would be an all-day affair, I think. And it won’t be tomorrow because Ash has to go to Orlando, which means he probably won’t be home until 8 or 9 and I’ll be solo-parenting three kids. Oh, I know I can handle it but the thought does irk me.


This week’s theme is “on your playlist” so I have two to share with you.

You all know I love Country music so I have been playing the heck out of this new Luke Bryan song. Plus, I am going to see him on October 11th! YAY!! I like this song because it goes hand in hand with the sentiment present in a lot of the romance novels I read.

And I recently discovered Capital Cities. Don’t know much about them but I dig this song.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Another weekend in the books

  1. The trick that worked for me as the Tooth Fairy is I would slip my hand under my kiddo’s pillow when I tucked him/her in for the night. They never picked up on it.

    Enjoyed both of your song picks for today’s “playlist” theme. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew!

  2. Losing ones first tooth is a big thing, little Leo lost two teeth a week apart and has a couple of more that are loose and he was told by the dentist yesterday to play with them to get them to fall out.

  3. So would you like to hear how weird I am? I have all my children’s baby teeth. Yes, I saved them in an old small jewelery box. Of course I don’t know who’s is who’s, but I have the just the same. Okay silly me, but they’re tucked away with other silly things that I save… safe & sound! ~snicker-snicker~ Cute song, but new for me. Thanks for joining us.

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