Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Nothing comes easy


Seriously Shawn

Time is going pretty quickly but I would like it to slow a bit!

  • That’s right: I’d love it to slow a little because I don’t feel ready for the baby just yet. I have more to do at work than I can accomplish and have this unnatural fear that baby girl will somehow make her appearance in this world without warning.
  • Watch: I’ll go over 40 weeks now that I have said that.
  • I have to make it to next Tuesday at least because my boss has planned a baby shower. C’mon TAs, represent for your best bud in the English department. 😉
  • Honestly, I don’t need that much stuff. I mean, I may not have girl bedding or blankets but none of that stuff is very boy-centric (aqua themed bedding, white and yellow blankets). Diapers though… haven’t even thought about buying those in a while now so that’ll be fun. NOT.
  • I started my day by doing some stretches and you know, I feel ten times better. Why don’t I think to do this every day??
  • Of course, it could be the sleep I got too. I fell asleep from about 9:30-10:15, then maybe 11-12. Then I slept from 1 to 6. It seemed to have helped.
  • We only have three more episodes of Game of Thrones before we’re all caught up. It didn’t take long; even when some episodes moved a little slowly, we wanted to keep watching because you never know who’s going to die next or get screwed over, etc. I think I have decided that my two favorite characters are Hodor and Tyrion. He’s the only tolerable Lannister. (Ok, Jamie has gotten a lot better too.)
  • And I had to share this because it’s both dumb and funny:impin
  • I don’t know what I’ll watch when this is all over; guess that’s just another thing up in the air like when this baby will come, what we’ll do with Elliot for the two weeks between camp and school (if I’m not already home with Baby Girl), what my jobless parents are going to do, or if I will find another job to replace the one I lost. So many question marks!
  • Luckily, I can go back to beer once Baby Girl is out (I know how to work it so I can still breastfeed, don’t worry). That may be the solution to all problems. Sad as that may sound…
  • I shall leave you with a question today. If you play Candy Crush on your phone, do you know how to request or send lives to people who don’t play connected to Facebook? My dad’s playing on his ipad but is not on FB. He needs a ticket to the next level. Peace out!

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Nothing comes easy

  1. I learned with this last pregnancy an interesting rule of thumb: If you can drive (after drinking), then you can breastfeed.

    Did you say you “lost a job”? What happened? I kinda suck at blog hopping but I’m sure you already know that….

  2. AHAHAHA! You may have just jinxed yourself wishing for time to slow down and baby girl will decide to make her appearance late. 😉

    Yay!! Someone planned a baby shower for you! WooHoo!!!

    What IA said about drinking/breastfeeding – similar to what my doctor told me, too. You’ve got this! 😀

  3. Regarding candy crush…. I think you have to be on Facebook… I can’t figure out any other way to get tickets. My husband had to quit playing because he needed tickets and refuses to get a Facebook account!

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