Friday Confessional – Ok, get on out of here

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I confess… my husband has been home sick since Wednesday afternoon and though I don’t mind taking care of two babies during my day, it tends to get a little tedious. You know how men can be when they’re sick.

I confess… I enjoy the freedom of being alone so I can plan what I do with my time. If I want to play Candy Crush for 30 minutes and then do dishes, and blog, etc, I don’t have anyone looming over me. And I certainly don’t get any flak for watching Bones reruns all afternoon. (Granted, I get up and do little things on commercial break.)

I confess… my blog is something he knows about but doesn’t read so it’s kind of my thing. And I tend not to blog when he’s home. Though I am now because I am tired of my days’s routine being interrupted.

I confess… I am just now starting to do my fantasy football mock drafts. I normally start a little earlier but with the baby and a sick husband, I haven’t made it a priority. I have watched the shows but didn’t do any active practice.

I confess… Ash is supposed to be taking the trash out but  I think he’s milking this sickness for all its worth. I want to call his brother and commiserate: he always made fun of the way Ash would do that when he’s sick. His brother would feel my pain.

I confess… I have gone to the store every day this week and I always forget one or two things. How annoying is that? I even have written lists and an app (Out of Milk) for that.

I confess… I am pressed for time because Baby Girl is whiny today. Peace out!

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Ok, get on out of here

  1. ohhhh Candy Crush. I avoided up until the past few weeks. Thank God I have to break away from it when I run out of lives. I’ve forced myself to not go near it during the day or I’d be in BIG trouble.

    Hope your man is feeling better soon! I mean, I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with one baby. 😉

  2. Men are awful when they get sick. It’s not so much the being sick, but the complaining. The moaning and groaning. I can never get away with that when I’m sick.

  3. I cannot blog when others are around, it is my therapy session! My boyfriend reads them but is never nearby when I write.

    Hope hubby is well soon so you get your space back! 🙂

  4. Tim has been home sick since Wednesday too and he was driving me batty on Thursday acting like a big baby………and of course I had a baby to take care of as well and he wouldn’t watch the baby who was asleep when I had to go out, I had to wake a sleeping baby to go out……..Tim knows I blog but he doesn’t understand what blogging is

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