Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – At a bit of a loss


Seriously Shawn

I mis-budgeted this week so I’m stressed now; but onto the random!

  • I am OVER this rain. It managed to stay dry long enough yesterday for me to finish mowing our lawn (which has been done in chunks due to said rain) but OMG, every day is gloomy! I am very affected by rainy days.
  • I had my 35 week doctor’s appointment yesterday and though this may be a bit TMI, I am happy to report that this cervix is fully closed. I was happy to hear this but Ash was thinking it would be better to know something was happening. Hell, we are NOT done with the nursery so she needs to stay. Though, I would be happy if she showed up one week early, as Isaac did. It’s funny; after two other births, I am still a little afraid of labor.
  • I have a bunch of things to put up on ebay and yet, every night I end up on the couch either asleep or watching Game of Thrones. Last night, I was going to print pregnancy photos to update my belly book and what did I do? I got in bed and slept for two hours. I really needed it though.
  • I am at a loss without that other job going on. I like to stay busy but for now, I am not. I DO have a lot to clean up in my office before maternity vacation so I shouldn’t be wasting a lot of time, which I totally am.
  • About a week ago, Keurig’s Twitter feed asked what your favorite Snapple flavor was that now comes in K-cups. They said the first 25 to respond would get a tea sampler. I was 2nd! Yay! So I thought I was going to get some K-cups but check out the link to my Flickr page on the sidebar; they gave me so much more! I never win anything, you guys. Never.
  • I’ve had this random craving to chew on ice lately. Pregnancy is so weird!
  • Also, as in the early stages of this whole affair, I am back to craving meat.
  • I realized yesterday that I have zero actual plans for the month of July. No vacations or friend meet-ups. I’m just waiting for this baby to arrive. However, this makes me feel like I have overlooked something I’m supposed to be doing.
  • I just got totally sidetracked applying for jobs so I guess I’d better finish up this post. Sorry I am boring today; my life is in limbo!

4 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – At a bit of a loss

  1. The waiting game is never fun. Hope she shows up exactly when she needs too–after the nursery is done, but before the due date.

  2. Congrats on the Keurig win!

    It is okay to be scared or nervous about labor. It is a scary thing! But you will be in a hospital with doctors who have experience with labor–that should ease your mind, a little.

    They have those little lamps that mimic the sun. Get one of those to help with rainy days. Then you won’t feel so down!

  3. The ‘hurry up and wait’ mode was the hardest for me. 🙂 WooHoo! on your Keurig win – I’ll be curious to see how those Snapple K-Cups are. I craved chewing on ice when I was pregnant, too – and peanut butter sandwiches. I couldn’t get enough of peanut butter sandwiches with an ice cold glass of milk. 🙂

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