Review Extravaganza – Second three months



Are you ready to journey with me through the next portion of my 201? Let’s go!


Wow, that month started off crazy! birthdays and family and a back injury; yay!

I made a lot of bulleted lists wherein I pined for the ocean, among other things.

I found out I didn’t get a job I applied for and it made me reassess my life.


We went to the beach for the second time of the season with a bunch of people then laid low.

I blabbed about T25, a plant I wanted to find out about, and my favorite new soap.

Baseball season ended and I mused.


Oh June, you evil thing! Dakota has double pink eye and an ear infection but my boys spent a week with my parents.

We took a vacation and I recapped the whole thing!

I did a “currently” post and this will sum up my June!

Photos from all three months:13959453322_675d9aeae4_z






6 thoughts on “Review Extravaganza – Second three months

  1. So not fun when people are sick on vacation- we have done that a few times ourselves. Always fun to go to the beach… though the sand, I hate how it always gets everywhere.
    Thanks so much for linking up again!

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