Friday Five – Brain is about to shut down

Five thoughts:

  1. Todd comes home today after his eye surgery. I ran into a personal blog that detailed their 10 year old Boston also having this surgery and it was really helpful to read, though now I am a little scared about how I might react when I see his lid sewn shut. Like, I KNOW it will look funky but I have this irrational fear that I will feel really sad about it. This was the best choice for him but still. I just know I’ll have to be really vigilant with him. We typically let the dogs do their thing and I focus on kids but that might have to change for a while.
  2. In response to something I witnessed on Twitter yesterday, I just want to make a statement about how sometimes, social media is not the place to vent your personal marriage issues. I know we all make mistakes but sometimes, it’s just better to keep quiet.
  3. Speaking of marriage, Ash and I are not seeing a movie today. Instead, we’re going to do some shopping. We’re mostly done but Isaac asked Santa for an elf so although he has an elf (on the shelf but not THE Elf on a Shelf) we’re going to see if Toys Be We (how my dad always said it) has any plush elves. He’s at an age where he doesn’t really WANT anything useful and sometimes he isn’t even sure what would make him happy. But he does like building stuff so he got more of that kind of stuff. I like when we do something different on our date day. And besides, w’ere taking the boys to see Hobbit 3 on Wednesday.
  4. Whereas a lot of kids their age will ask to watch a certain animated movie time and time again, my boys like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. I NEVER saw that coming!
  5. I’m juuust about done with, well, everything. I mean that in the sense that my brain is telling me that I might spontaneously combust if I grade one more paper. I am on overload right now; evenings end early because I am so exhausted. Dishes are going unwashed; dinners are not being crafted carefully and with love. I can barely think about what needs to get done. I just really need a break! I get one soon, oh so soon. Next Tuesday I will be home and home until the 5th! I am so so so ready for the break. Even though there will be a period of time I am home with all three kids by myself, it’ll be nice not to have to work, I can tell you that!

Five Photos:

The first three are random things I shot during the week. This first one is a pic of the building next to mine but the light was just perfect.IMG_20141204_111409

Then, my tree from the top downIMG_20141205_164259

A tiny tree in the Garden Club houseIMG_20141205_191604

My friend and I were talking about how to us, people who grew up in Florida and California respectively, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a palm tree.a41bb7895bade29894bb5237059325fa3ecf06388b1177696caf285f4f187d2e


Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Brain is about to shut down

  1. You are almost there, almost break time! Hang in there you can do it!! I totally agree- public spaces are more often than not not a good place to complain about relationships. If things get better then that thing will always be out there sort of hanging over the other person’s head. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great photos just so you know, I haven’t seen a movie in so bloody long can’t remember the last one I saw, just saying. Yesterday was spent shopping and today is being spent blogging

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